Morrisons Pack Of 72 Baby Wipes 17p
Morrisons Pack Of 72 Baby Wipes 17p

Morrisons Pack Of 72 Baby Wipes 17p

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Morrisons baby wipes 17p, they do the job for all sorts of things they are ok the ones I got yesterday used them for the tele and to wipe my hands when changing little one.



Good for hands and that's about it. Used them once on the baby when we ran out of pampers wipes, never again!
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great price, asda smart price ones are the same price aswell.


great price, asda smart price ones are the same price aswell.

How do these compare to Asda smartprice wipes. Use the Asda one's for cleaning etc
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Cheers philmitchell

Merry Christmas to all the great deal posters on here!
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i think these wipes are great, i use them on my daughter as she has eczema, and most other wipes litkes johnsons ect play it up and these ones dont! i think there fab and only 17p!

Tesco also 17p, great as completely unperfumed so good for all sorts of cleaning jobs.

Heat added for cleaning x

Never had a problem with these. I think the people that say they're bad are people who excessively wipe an area of skin.

Basically, if you don't go nuts with them, they're ok.

Can't go wrong for 432 wipes for around a quid! Worth having for cleaning, too, as others have mentioned.

Have tried 3 of the 4 supermarket 17p wipes and Tesco ones are by far the best compared to Asda and Sainsburys. Haven't tried Morrisons. We actually prefer them to Tesco standard wipes and would put them on a par with Huggies or Pampers.
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I spent so much money on Pampers wipes for over a year until I discovered these wipes. They are no different to Pampers and are much better than Huggies. I have a cupboard full as i use them for anything and everything lol. Only problem I find is that Morrisons often run out so I ring them on the morning I am going and get them to put a box to one side for me, Sorted!!(_;)

Baby wipes are ace for cleaning your motorbike - gets rid of all the flies and stuck on bugs. Also great for cleaning your visor, just pop a wet wipe over it, leave it for a couple of minutes and then gently wipe away those pesky exoskeletons. Probably cheaper than the paper kitchen towel you could use, but a touch more classy!

Ahh, dreaming of summer bug collecting...

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