Morrisons Toy Clearance Sale Lots of items reduced to around £1

Morrisons Toy Clearance Sale Lots of items reduced to around £1

Found 19th Dec 2010
Just came back from our local Morrisons and they had LOADS of heavily reduced toys for around £1, some less some more.
I bought winnie the pooh cooking sets £1 reduced from £5 (2 different sets)
Had 6 character cutters,5 measuring spoons,rolling pi,mixing spoon and spatula
Pull back cars for 68p (lots of different ones)
Graffix assorted scratch stickers 18p!!!
Motorcycles 48p
Black & decker kids screwdriver/nuts etc 85p
Various large friction Tractor toys with digger/trailer hay etc £1.65 (very good value almost everyone was picking these up!)
Arty type cases containing paints, beadmaking etc £3.65 from £5
Disney princess rings/necklaces £1
and lots more!
No pics I'm afraid -Il try to take some later!
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deleted117705Original Poster
Cookie cutters were LIKe this but a bigger set and in a big tube
Tractors were like this - £8.99 on play here- £1.68 in morrisons!
Motorcycles were made by Welly many sorts 48p - Welly toys
Cars were also by Welly 68p - Welly cars
Graffix assorted scratch stickers packs only 18p

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deleted117705Original Poster
Ahh, I didn't get to Morrisons in time for those tractors :P My son has enough anyway

Thanks for posting G0OSE.
thanks for posting i just went and got another few bits and pieces, play doh is down to £1.50 and a toy story watch £1.08
the pull back cars are 68p each. The motorbikes are 48p each.
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