Morrisons Turtle Paddling Pool/Sandpit £12 in store @ Morrisons

Morrisons Turtle Paddling Pool/Sandpit £12 in store @ Morrisons

LocalFound 10th Aug 2016
INSTORE ONLY - was £30. Looks very similar to to the Little Tikes one but can't say how they compare in sturdiness. Got it for my labrador to help her keep cool in the heat so I'll find out tomorrow just how tough it is!
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good find op, heat added
also selling bouncey castles for £40
£8.75 in asda camping clearance section yesterday
Awesome! Thank you. Have been looking for an affordable sandpit for weeks and this one is a lovely size and great price
Aaaargh! I HATE these supermarket deals where no-one posts which branch and then you end up on a wild turtle chase!!!! Need to get my hands on one of these for my grandson and every place I try has sold out!
Beccles, Suffolk has plenty in store.
I got one from Coventry, Holyhead rd last night
Sorry I didn't put branch I found this in - it was Folkestone, Kent. Had about 10 there yesterday lunch time.
We got one from Asda last year for a tenner for dog to keep cool but for a yorky terrier it's a full size pool. It does the job.
Lots in Bolton invade anyone is after one
Cumbernauld Asda had these for £8.75 today.
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