morrisons vegetable samosa's 4 for £1

morrisons vegetable samosa's 4 for £1

Found 26th Jul 2010Made hot 27th Jul 2010
these are really good samosas and they taste brilliant as well....


Voted Hot, cuz Samosa's are HOT, as in Likeable HOT, and ofcourse spicy HOT. At this price they are also HOT.


how big are they?
they come in different sizes

Mum makes them so get em for free

Lamb and chicken samosa also same price. Lamb is gorgeous! And the pastry, when heated in oven, is light and crisp. Definitely one of the better supermarket samosas.

They are wide and flat, so gives the impression of being big, but not really.

are these suitable for home freezing ?

If you live in Birmingham there's a place on Soho Road (opposite Baharat Coaches) that does 100 (yep 100) cooked or chilled (ready for frying) for £16. 16p each. Thats if your a samosa lover or have a large party to cater for. And they are excellent!

Thanks for that Burmingum, good to know

I presume that's vegetable? Do they do any meat ones?

If you live in Derby there's a place just past Pak Food Stores on Normanton Rd that do very nice frozen veg or meat samosa's at only 10p each (must be bought in 10's, i.e. 10 for £1).

@ Sparkeeh,

There is a place around the corner that do the meat ones, This place (think its called Desi Sweet centre) pure vegetarian food only.

these arent really that cheap - this is normal price for samosas

Oh right, thanks for that, moving to uni in Birmingham soon so its all good to know
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