Moshi Monster TRUNKI £11.99 (£6.99 with voucher) @ JTF

Moshi Monster TRUNKI £11.99 (£6.99 with voucher) @ JTF

Found 8th May 2015
Most Monster Trunki for kids are at sale for £11.99 at JTF warehouse. I have confirmed with store that it is a national deal.
Now to get it for £6.99 you need to register yourself on JTF website as a new customer. They will send you an email with £5 off voucher of your first purchase. Go to your local JTF warehouse after 24 hrs and receive your membership card to purchase TRUNKI at a bargain price of £6.99.
I have already purchased 2 yesterday from walsall store with my and my wife's account. Effectively we both paid £13.98 for two trunkies.
Hope this helps.
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I wish to get orange one for my son, so cute, unfortunately closes store 2h drive away :(((((((((((

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I wish someone could buy one and post it to me :-) wish wish wish
Never heard of this gaff... what is it?
Just googled and this store is only in the north.
They have a store in Kidderminster (just above Cambridge height Wise) amongst others in the Midlands so hardly northern unless your based in Lands End.
far far far away. hot!
shame trade only!!
No use to me in Plymouth but great deal.
Got one of these as the Gruffalo for my lad, really well made & handy for weekends away. Paid about £35 or so. Bargain at this price.
One near me in Leeds. wohooo have some heat!!
nice one. got one in warrington and not that far for me didn't see offer for £5 though when signing up unless in the email!
aww you need to change your description as its a trade only account, getting high hopes then!!!!
I can see jtf from my house haha love it!
does anyone know if Peterborough store accept non -trade customer s?
HOTTTT!! 8)Showing as £9.99 on their website!
jtf isnt trade only, anyone can register now. brought 2 of these earlier in the week, great price. heat added
It's just let me become a member of my nearest you have to wait 24 hrs till you can collect membership card?



does anyone know if Peterborough store accept non -trade customer s?

yeah they do! X
Very cheap hot
They all accept non trade people
thanks. just picked 2 up from Tamworth

HOTTTT!! 8)Showing as £9.99 on their website!

that's the price without vat
Went to get mine today, store sold out not getting anymore in...gutted
Great deal, got one in warrington, they only had two left though. (I joined up as non trade.)
Just been to North Shields store - I was there also in Sunday near closing time, there was about 50 left. I bought one on Sunday but wanted to buy one more so went back this morning - none left - someone went and bought all 50 or so. They'll make a handsome profit on all that!
JTF is not trade only, it is open to anyone - public as well. They are only £9.99 each in my local branch, Tamworth, without a voucher!
Just noticed jtf outlet have listed some on ebay pink only 17.49 including delivery. Hope this helps some that didn't manage to get one
Joined can't wait to get mine



HOTTTT!! 8)Showing as £9.99 on their website!

do you have link ??? I can not see it online ?? Thx

shame trade only!!

no longer trade only ! everyone is welcome
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