Moshi Monsters Micro Advent Calendar (New 2013) £10 Delivered @ Amazon

Moshi Monsters Micro Advent Calendar (New 2013) £10 Delivered @ Amazon



Ordered, thank you!
Hot, hot,hot!
Cheers OP, very nearly ordered this a few days ago at the higher price.
I ordered on Saturday at the higher price of 12.95.

Was able to cancel and reorder.

Ordered thanks :-D
These, looks fab....Only problem is would need similar advent calendar's for my other girls....Can you get bin weevils version of this?
I ordered on Saturday too, requested cancellation and reordered at this price. Good spot, £2.95 saved
Amazing price, glad I didn't order on Saturday!
thanks ordered
Oh man, ordered this on Fri when it was £12.95, then got an email last night (Sunday) at 10:31pm to say it had been dispatched so unable to cancel even though I don't have it yet?! Just been on an online chat with Amazon who said they couldn't do anything! Anyway, common sense has prevailed as they have agreed to refund me the £2.95 difference as a one off! After the amount of money I've spent over the years I should think so! ;-)
excellent. .. daughter will love this. .. hot!
Why only 24 doors?
wow I likr that voted hot
just ordered the mega block moshi advent calendars . wondern if I could give my daughter two lol
Great find
Super great thanks ordered
Thanks for posting! Was able to cancel my £12.95 order and re-order at £10.00.
Ordered two last night and then saw the post this morning and tried to cancel but was told no guarantee as dispatching soon. Emailed them and they agreed to refund the 5.90 difference with no hassle, just from a polite suggestion on my part. Worth doing for anyone else who ordered at 12.95.
Great price.
Cheers OP - Flubit knocked £1.21 off for me too
Nice find OP
£9.25 now
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