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MOT test for only £19.99 @ Cazoo (Birmingham)

In store: Birmingham
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Just had my car tested at Birmingham Cazoo. £19.99 No pressure service while you wait and free drinks and Wifi.
Car passed through and now have a fresh ticket for another year. Excellent service.
I booked through their website for £19.99 but as I arrived there was a big sign outside saying £19.99 for a MOT and you can book via phone too.
It must be national too.
Also to add, a family member bought their car through Cazoo last year and the service and customer aftercare was impeccable.
Cannot rate this company enough.

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    “… the service and customer aftercare was impeccable. Cannot rate this company enough “ says OP.
    Here is a recent Cazoo approved car for sale.
    (if you are sufficiently inquisitive you will have to manually type the links)

    48970381-CPqaE.jpgor how about buying a clocked car sold by Cazoo…
    48970381-ODOws.jpg (edited)
    What's that "Dodgy Cars" app/site? Looks useful.
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    Unless you are expecting a guaranteed fail that is bad enough that you shouldn't drive it away, the best places to go for MOTs are dedicated testing centres that do not offer to do any servicing or repairs. There's therefore no incentive to create the opportunity for additional work.
    My own experience suggests council run test centres are the fussiest places and I have had more trouble with them than garages but I understand your logic.
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    Avoid at all costs. Absolute con of a company. Our car has been in the garage for 3 out of the 6 months since buying it.

    Currently having to go through motor ombudsman due to them no longer responding to us.
    Literally EVEYRONE who sells used cars as a business cannot be trusted, period.
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    Guaranteed fail
    Went there yesterday - Guaranteed Pass !!

    No advisories either
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    Unless you go to the local KwikFit in Galashiels and they make up the fail sheet, on a well serviced and maintained car.
    Used to be very fair with their testing, then had a crew change, staffed by writers of fiction it would appear!
    Never returned, after about 11 years of good service.
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    You can hear the conversation already "Your car failed on 40 items. The good news is we have a lovely range of affordable cars you can purchase instead"
    Didn't have that conversation. All I got was the Pass certificate and receipt for the £19.99 I paid.
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    Until they find your big end has gone
    That isn't part of the MOT.
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    £20 Mot is pure bait, Moneytrap
    I paid £19.99 yesterday for a seven year old car. No trap - paid £19.99 and left with a new 12 months certificate.
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    You got to ask why a business will do an MOT for a loss and how they will make money from offering this.
    Exactly how much does it cost a business to do an MOT? I'm interested now.
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    They stole my family members spare wheel jack ect from boot only relised day later went back thy said sorry no idea we askd fr cctv thy said we have no cameras where the car was kept lol
    as Yul didn't once say .... ectetra, ectetra, ectetra
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    Never trust these cheap offers especially on MOT... I took my car to HALFORDS last year as they were offering discount on MOT... They failed my MOT and then was hit with £400+ bill for unnecessary repairs ....
    Id like to know what you car failed on? So many comments about taking my car to ABC and then it failing because of XYZ? I’ve never paid full price for a mot and always take it to a large “stealer ship /chain” because I know my car won’t fail!! I check the basics!!

    If you don’t it’s on your head.
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    I would agree with the person who say they do it for brand awareness as well while you are there can look at their cars.

    These deals can be good for those that are quite confident in their car. Its not something that interest me as I paid £50 for MOT only centre locally.
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    Support your local independent garage. Who will look after you at the drop of a hat when needed.
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    It's a good deal if you know your car will pass. Then it makes sense to go for the cheapest one going (motoserv in Solihull do a mot for £15). But...if you reckon it might fail..then there's plenty of decent garages that do an MOT in the area for the £40 to 50 quid mark.

    I pay 45, but I have an old car..but the garage I use never scam customers.
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    CAZOO Yeah you failed !
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    Lick em and stick em.
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    If anyone criticises or praises an MOT station, they should name the company and the branch.

    If their criticism is due to a failed test, they should give details.

    Without any details it tends to sound like rant. (edited)