Mothercare Xpedior 4 Wheel Pram & Pushchair Travel System £199

Mothercare Xpedior 4 Wheel Pram & Pushchair Travel System £199

Found 15th Aug 2014
I looked at getting this a few months ago but decided on another, it was £250 now £199. It's actually really nice and includes carseat. You order the pram base then order your colour : liquorice, plum, royal blue, salsa, silver
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I was given this as a replacement pram whilst mine was being fixed.
I was going to buy it if mine couldn't get fixed but after a few days of using it I could of ripped my hair out. I couldn't find one good thing about it.
If anyone buys a pram test it before you buy.
I'm guessing the price is good if you like it!
Mines currently being fixed due to the breaks jamming one time whilst I was crossing the road and the buggy tipped forward. The car seat well my baby is 5 months give another month and the seat belt that goes across will be too tight over her legs it's already rubbing now and she's tiny for 5 months. Read the reviews on their website loads of people complaining about the same problems. Loved this buggy when I purchased wish id paid a bit more and got a better one now!!!!
Completely agree and echo nickye9600's comments - having the exact same issues :(.
I have got this pram it's really nice and nothing has ever happened to mine I have had it just over a year now .. really stylish pram
I have this and I love it!!! No promises what so ever.
I looked at this pram but decided to buy the mothercare orb....was in the sale for £280....HEAT added as this is still a nice deal
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