Mothers Day - £5 off all Aldi Photobooks with voucher code MUM5VAL -  £7.99 reduced to  £2.99

Mothers Day - £5 off all Aldi Photobooks with voucher code MUM5VAL - £7.99 reduced to £2.99

LocalFound 20th Feb 2013
T&C's apply - voucher valid till 1st March 2013.
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Good price
Voucher is only valid for
event content large hardcover photobook
event content large softcover photobook
event content photo leaflet
event content square hardcover photobook
large landscape photobook
large portrait booklet cover photobook
large portrait photobook

I have just created a large portrait booklet cover photo book (18 pages) and its saying the above message and that none of my products are valid for the code MUM5VAL
It works for the 26 pages photobook not the 18 pages. So the price will be £6.32 including postage
I tried their photo/book service last year and had over 200 photos printed. The turn around was fast and the price was very competitive, but the overall photo finish was dreadful, dull, lifeless muted colour lacking in contrast. I reported this to them explaining that as a Photographic technician for over 40 years I was not impressed at all considering that the majority of the photos were taken in the US in glorious summer lighting conditions and the printed result was so far from the reality. They wanted me to bundle the lot up and send them back for consideration, so I decided not to, due to the expense and thus learned another valuable lesson:- try small before you buy from Aldi Photo service. They are fabulous for hardware, but can't cut it in the photofinishing business at all!
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