Motley Crue - Carnival Of Sins Live : 2 DVD £5.47 @ Select Cheaper
Motley Crue - Carnival Of Sins Live : 2 DVD £5.47 @ Select Cheaper

Motley Crue - Carnival Of Sins Live : 2 DVD £5.47 @ Select Cheaper

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In spring 2005 MOTLEY CRUE embarked on their first world tour in more than six years, the outrageous and globally successful RED, WHITE AND CRUE TOUR.

Infamous for their visually wild and intensely live stage shows, CARNIVAL OF SINS captures original CRUE members Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee in a stage show that sets a new standard for music DVDs. CARNIVAL OF SINS is a circus gone bad concept spectacular taking place under a huge circus tent stage set with pyrotechnics that are excessive, a fire-breathing midget, seductive aerialists and demonic clowns that will keep you roaring for more.

Directed by acclaimed, award-winning director Hamish Hamilton (U2, Madonna and Peter Gabriel), recorded live by Grammy award winning Jon Harris, mixed by Bob Rock and Mike Gillies (Metallica, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue) and shot using 20-cameras all in high-definition film look. This eyeball-popping production is a non-stop rock n' roll circus. CARNIVAL OF SINS is an exercise in visual and musical excess from both sides of the stage giving MOTLEY CRUE fans, and curious onlookers, a chance to see THE ULTIMATE ROCK N' ROLL EXPERIENCE from the safety of your own living room!


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Please Note: You can get this for £5.09 delivered to your local store for free @ Borders (their normal postage is over £2!) Link ]here


Tracklist: Opening, Shout At The Devil, Too Fast For Love, Ten Seconds To Love, Red Hot, On With The Show, Too Young To Fall In Love, Looks That Kill, Louder Than Hell, Live Wire, Girls, Girls, Girls, Wild Side, Don''t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), Primal Scream, Glitter, Without You, Home Sweet Home, Nikki''s Solo, Dr. Feelgood, Tommy''s Solo, Same Ol'' Situation, Tommy Cam, Sick Love Song, If I Die Tomorrow, Kickstart My Heart, Helter Skelter and Anarchy In The U.K.

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Good stuff!!

How is the old man Mick Mars these days? He was my fave in the band. He's had back/bone problems since he was young hence the hunched look. Just wondering how he's doing.

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This will obviously have a limited appeal as they were bigger in the US but they still had a decent following over here and I think their reunion shows went down well a few years ago. Im not a Motley Crew fan but this looked good for the money and it gets some good reviews (4.5/5 Amazon.com)

Lifted this from Amazon.com, seems to sum it up and gives a good idea whats on disc2:

This is a two disc DVD,and while it is not perfect,it is really good and solid. It opens up with a very funny and short cartoon on how Motley Crue got back together,and once you have seen the cartoon for the show/Motley Crue's getting back together and going on a tour(which Motley used on all of their shows;I saw The Crue at their concert at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis)the concert on this DVD opens up with a great version of "Shout At The Devil '97"(note that the back of the DVD specifies it as the original SATD,but if you are a die hard Motley fan,you will notice that The Crue are playing Shout '97 at the beginning of this concert that is on this DVD,NOT the original Shout). This whole concert finds Motley Crue playing (mostly)their hits/fan favorites from the 80's("Girls,Girls,Girls","Dr. Feelgood","Live Wire","Ten Seconds To Love","Home Sweet Home",etc.)with the addition of two Motley songs from the 90's("Primal Scream" and half of the ballad "Glitter"),their two new original songs off of their "Red,White,and Crue" anthology album("If I Die Tommorow" and "Sick Love Song")as well as two cover songs("Helter Skelter" and "Anarchy In The U.K."). Note the fact that this concert was made as a film,it looks like a concert that is a movie,and while I would have just preferred a concert,the whole movie/concert concept into one theme was a really good idea that works here. The camera does switch back from the band to the audience too often at the beginning of this concert/film but gets better at focusing on the band towards the end of the DVD,and the live performances of the songs on here are really good(Motley Crue were being honest when they said that they still do have energy left in them)! Nikki Sixx's bass solo and Tommy Lee's drum solo are quite impressive,and not only are Motley Crue able to keep this DVD entertaining by not only playing most of their best material live and doing a great job at it,the midget onstage(who is sort of a mini Vince Neil)is hillarious and is a good supplement to the whole concert/film. It is also pretty cool to see aerialists on stage accompanying "The World's Most Infamous Rock Band"(especially during the live performances of "Girls,Girls,Girls" and "Ten Seconds To Love"). This whole concert/film is pretty cool,but the highlights for me would have to be 1)Nikki Sixx dressed like a mad scientist while he is doing his bass solo,2)Tommy Lee's drum solo and his "fan cam"(wait until you see that),and 3)seeing the guys in Motley Crue dressed as military guys while they perform "Helter Skelter" and "Anarachy In The U.K."(which are the last two songs they performed for the concert that is on this DVD).

There are a lot of bonus feautures on disc two of this DVD,which made me really happy. There is a documentary on Motley Crue's 2005 tour,a behind the scenes look at when Tommy Lee brings his "fan cam" onstage(I'd tell you about it,but it is something that will seem more funny if you buy this DVD and see it for yourself),a short,hillarious,cartoon movie called "Meet & Greet'Disaster!The Movie'Blow It Up" on Motley Crue,and there are three new music videos here. These videos are the time lapse view video for "On With The Show","If I Die Tommorow",and the "clean" video for "Sick Love Song". All of these videos are very cool(especially the time lapse video for "On With The Show",which is both very cool and very creative)and while I am a little dissaspointed that BOTH the clean AND the unclean video for "Sick Love Song" are NOT on this DVD(I am glad to have the SLS video here;it is just there was an unclean video for SLS that you can see very far back on [url]www.motley.com;my[/url] point is that it would have helped Crue fans out to watch both the unclean and the clean video for SLS whenever they wanted to instead of going very far back on the Motley Crue website to see the unclean SLS video if they wanted to see it)but other than that,I am not complaining. I like getting to have loads of bonus feautures on disc two of this DVD and getting to see Vince,Nikki,Tommy,and Mick Mars all talk about this whole tour/DVD is really cool(Motley Crue are really the best band there is when it comes to leaving their fans happy). This DVD also has a nice poster that has pictures of Motley Crue from the COS tour accompanying it,which is nice to have here,and despite it's little flaws,this DVD is very awesome overall. Anyway,thank you for reading my review of this,have a great day,and don't forget....Motley Crue rules!!!!

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Good stuff!!How is the old man Mick Mars these days? He was my fave in … Good stuff!!How is the old man Mick Mars these days? He was my fave in the band. He's had back/bone problems since he was young hence the hunched look. Just wondering how he's doing.

you obviously got internet access so why dont you go onto a website called google and find out for yourself , the chances of someone on here giving u an answer are minimal :whistling:
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