Moto G dedicated car mount with charger £8.95 on Amazon sold by iBox Ltd.

Moto G dedicated car mount with charger £8.95 on Amazon sold by iBox Ltd.

Found 22nd Dec 2013
Deal for those who bought Moto G recently and would like to use it as a sat nav (free nav app - WAZE). As I couldn't find Moto G genuine car mount (apparently they are not doing), I looked for some no name ones. Unfortunately all were universal that as usually not very good and found that one. Other seller has it for over £13. I ordered it and will share my opinion shortly after on Amazon as no single review there yet.
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Can't see the point; you can get a universal mount - choice of dozens - for the same price or less; and who knows, you might change your phone ...
Fair point, but I don't like universal ones as usually are not giving good support. Always using dedicated. I can see though, more people share your view than mine as it is cold. Anyway, someone might be looking for it, therefore treat that as an info.
Major design boo boo with this one, it covers the camera so you can't use a dashcam app. There are plenty of universal ones about that give good support, lots of rubbish too though to be fair, and I'd recommend one that has nano suction too as you can then mount it virtually anywhere, ie textured dash tops etc.
Don't buy it. Apparently it is not very good.
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