Moto G with 4G - Tesco Mobile Anytime Upgrade

Moto G with 4G - Tesco Mobile Anytime Upgrade

Found 4th Feb 2015
Tesco Mobile are doing the Moto G with 4G on Anytime Upgrade for £11 per month. The phone is £2 per month and the tariff is £9.
Like the previous Tesco Anytime deals (Lumia 920 deal last year) you can cancel the airtime and just pay off the phone which will cost £48.
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How do you cancel the airtime its on a 24 month contract?
Be careful with this one, I took part in the Lumia fiasco last year and it was a waste of time. They wouldnt cancel the airtime.
I can't find anything about being able to cancel.
Pretty sure you can only change the tariff to one of the same or higher value? Doesn't say anywhere on the site about being able to cancel
Its anytime upgrade not cancel you need to take out another contract either way your tied in
Op where are you?
You can't cancel the airtime. You can pay off the phone and either get a new one or just stick to the airtime but either way you're stuck in a 24 months airtime contract.
Well that's kinda s***
Ok... I was also involved in the lumia fiasco last year.I bought 2 Lumia anytime upgrade contracts and managed to get one cancelled without charge and keep the lumia after paying off the phone but I hit a brick wall with the second one.
Tesco anytime upgrade isn't like O2 refresh and requires you to sign up to a New 24 month contract every time you decide to get a new phone.
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