MOTORAZR2 V8 black Clearance (Pay As You Go) £79.95
MOTORAZR2 V8 black Clearance (Pay As You Go) £79.95

MOTORAZR2 V8 black Clearance (Pay As You Go) £79.95

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Bought one of these last week at £99 now the price is even better. Total price is £79.95 including a virgin sim pack with £10 credit. Carphonewarehouse phones are unlocked and the clearance phones I have had have all been brand new. No original box but instructions, charger etc included.


Damn, I bought this last week for £99 too.
How do you get the £10 credit btw, do you know?

Also, don't forget £5 Quidco.

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The credit is applied to the sim card pack. The phone is great and I have had many phones over the last few years.

Just a heads up,I have just changed from my V8 to another phone because of the awful battery life!You will be lucky to get 1 day out of the battery under normal use!It is a very nice phone apart from this and would recommended it on every other level except battery life.Do a google search on v8 battery life.
Hot deal for the money though.

I actually traded my V8 in with Virgin mobile for £96 airtime,so if anyone has a V8 and would like to change it for another phone Virgin are still doing their trade in offer. tradeinyourvirginmobile.co.uk/

S'funny.. I searched as you suggested and the first hit I visited was this which gave it 5/5 for battery life:mobilechoiceuk.com/Pho…167

I guess not that many want to talk about battery life in a positive way. Good price for a good phone but I for one thank you for the heads up...I very nearly bought it this morning.

out of stock now

I've tried the website, and it is still available 8-)

Bought mine... wish it was blue.. but for the price it was worth it.


Bought mine... wish it was blue.. but for the price it was worth it.

Got a question? I have one v8 which is orange branded, and it is dark blue( I can tell)... But I just wonder if there are 2 different type of v8 apart from espresso ver? If so, it might be worth buying one black v8 from CPW, really!!

Is This Unlocked?

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Yes all phones from Carphone Warehouse are unlocked.

Hi, all. I was after one of these for a while and grabbed it when I saw it at CPW for this price (which includes the 10 pounds airtime). Mine will be arriving soon (I hope).
Anyway, did my research before buying this beastie. Most reviews have been positive but ofcourse, as with all phones, there are always some cons.
1. Just to clarify, this phone uses a linux OS.
2. Does come in both 512MB and 2GB version, I suspect the one being sold is most likely the 512MB version.
3. It DOES NOT have memory expansion, so like the Nokia N95 you're stuck with what you get, although ofcourse the nokia does have 8GB not 512MB.
4. Most from CPW are already unlocked, however, if not you will find unlock solutions on the net ranging from 2.99 (for an IMEI unlock) to 12 pounds, but it seems easy enough to unlock.
5. Note since it is being sold as clearance it probably will not come with everything that the retail package has, i.e. probably no USB cable. This phone uses a micro USB slot, smaller than the mini USB, so get yourself one if you order the V8, you'll need it for anything useful you want to do on the PC.
6. Most probably the PC application software will also be missing. You want Motorola Phone Tools and version 5, if you can track it down.
That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps others.
Voted hot. !

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Mine came with charger, instruction manual, motorola cd and usb cable as well. I have bought a number of clearance phones from this company and apart from the original box all came with all original cables/manuals etc.

paulgjohnston: thanks for the update. That's great news. I only wanted to give people a heads-up because I bought reconditioned organe phones in the past and they always arrive with just the phone/manual/charger and nothing else. So if CPW supply everything, that's great news and makes it and even better deal.

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As i say I have always been extremely pleased with Carphone Warehouse in terms of their clearance stuff. The phones have looked brand new and all cables etc have been there as well. Im just annoyed I paid an exta £20 last week but hey that's life!

Got mine yesterday. Not sure if new or reco as there was no plastic cover on the screens to peel off. Was advertised as black but the one i got was the dark blue (which is fine cause it is what i wanted anyway), even th box said black. CPW did however deliver to my house, but i asked for it to be delivered to one of their stores, so was a pain to pick up as i missed the courier. So they made 2 stuff ups but one worked out. However i would not order from them again as i think this is really poor service.

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I suppose it all boils down to luck but I have bought about a dozen different handsets from them and been pleased with all of them and found the service first class. Got this one delivered to my local shop as well with no problems at all.


this deal is on the website again
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