Motorbike TAX DISK HOLDER £5.99 @

Motorbike TAX DISK HOLDER £5.99 @

Found 4th Jan
I saw this whilst diligently perusing the SBS clearance sale items and thought... "Yes this is HUKD Gold!!"

Should really please those of a nostalgic disposition or people who just hate change and generally wish that things would just "bloody well stay the way they are, humph!...."

Other possible uses might include;
- An ashtray (for people who like to smoke whilst riding your motorbike)
- A grout spreader for re-tiling the bathroom
- A small painters palette for budding portrait artists
- A large, slightly uncomfortable monocle
- Or even, if sharpened properly... a Shuriken!! (Best thrown at an annoying mother-in law)

Possibilities are limitless. No need to thank me I'm just glad I could give back to the HUKD community...

Grab one quick whilst stocks last!!!
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I fear that my hot vote is somewhat lost here.
As is your humour.
Funny, you do know there are no tax discs anymore don't you! it's more amazing that a shop is still trying to sell them.
good find.
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I fear that my hot vote is somewhat lost here.
As is your humour.
Well it amused me
It received a 5 star review on the 18th December 2017 so still being purchased as a tax disc holder not the other better options given by the op!(highfive)
I still have mine on my bike with the last tax disc in it and I live in France where they dont even have MOT's for motorbikes. I like to confuse people.
Wonder if OP can find one of these for sale

My light bulbs tend to get very hot so thought this might cool them down a bit

Could also be used as an Ice-Scraper, which i'm now in need of after coming here for the comments
Tax Discs are so 2014.
Mr Sweeney, your excellent humour is lost by so many ;). Love the wry suggestions!
Heat just for comedy value
Voted HOT just because I can
I've put ICE details in mine. Just in case.
Heat added for comedic description. In all seriousness this is a good find and useful for keeping ICE Disks in.
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