Motorcycle Disc Brake Alarm - only £7.97 collect instore @ Maplin RRP £24.99

Motorcycle Disc Brake Alarm - only £7.97 collect instore @ Maplin RRP £24.99

Found 21st Aug 2008
Product Features

· Don''t be another statistic of bike theft
· Alarms and protects your motorcycle
· Sturdy and secure stainless steel construction
· Powerful 95-105dB alarm
· Lock barrel diameter 6.4mm
· Suitable for disc brakes up to 7mm thick
· Supplied complete with batteries and 2 keys for arming / disarming

Designed to fit the majority of motorbikes fitted with disc brakes, this sturdy alarm is a convenient way to ensure you have protection for your vehicle wherever you go. Simply push the lock in to the body of the unit to set the alarm, which will be notified by a short beep. 15 seconds later, the alarm will become activated. If the body of the alarm is vibrated by somebody tampering with it or your motorcycle, the alarm enters warning mode, and if further vibrations are received within 5 seconds, the alarm will ring until the vibrations stop. After 35 seconds with no further vibrations, the alarm will cease and will automatically re-arm itself. Of course, the alarm will also cease if the lock is disengaged by using the keys - 2 keys are supplied with each alarm unit together with batteries. The battery holding part of the alarm is designed so that it cannot be accessed whilst the alarm is fitted.



thats some discount, is it a sign of the quality of this item ? hope not.

These disclocks with the circular type keys can be picked in seconds. Theres been a lot of wanings in the motorcycle press for years about them.…etU

I heard you get them picked easily, but never knew quite that easy, just did the same to my bike lock! New one with different lock on order asap I think!

Still voted hot as good visual detterent for the untrained thief:)

The best motorcycle theft deterrent is to have the bike chained to an imovable object... like a lampost or a ground anchor.
These disclocks are a waste of time, theives will just lift the bike into the back of a van. And no one takes any notice of alarms these days.
If a thief wants your bike, this disclock will make no difference whatsoever.
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