Motorhead : Ace Of Spades CD only £2.99 delivered @ + Quidco!

Motorhead : Ace Of Spades CD only £2.99 delivered @ + Quidco!

Found 6th Oct 2008
Ace Of Spaces
Love Me Like A Reptile
Shoot You In The Back
Live To Win
Fast And Loose
(We Are) The Road Crew
Fire Fire
Bite The Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
The Hammer
Dirty Love (Bonus Track)
Please Don't Touch (Bonus Track)
Emergency (Bonus Track)


The 2-disc deluxe edition is £4.99

Good buy, voted hot


pure keek

good for a relaxing night in then?

Top stuff....

I used to listen to Motorhead as a young lad - but in all fairness they are bloody awful really - I was discussing this the other month with some other person... :-D

Folks used to say the Sex Pistols couldn't play their instruments - well that's not my feeling compared to Motorhead listening to them 20 years past their sell by date. If you have not listened to them for a while it might be time for a refresher! :whistling:

I still listen to Motorhead on occasion and really wonder how on earth they were ever taken seriously :oops:

I have not become a music snob these days and still blast out the likes of Exploited etc on the old car stereo, so I'm still in touch with loud, agressive music
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