Motorhead / Warpig Flight Bag £5.00 @ Play

Motorhead / Warpig Flight Bag £5.00 @ Play

Found 8th Jan 2010
Review as below:

"This bag is really good if you have to do a lot of travelling, especially if flying as it is the recommended size for most airports (unlike other so-called flight bags which are way too big)..

The strap is sturdy with metal links attaching it to the bag, and the bag itself is made of false leather so very sturdy feeling.
It fastens with a zip across the top and has the Warpig image on both sides with the Motorhead logo on the front."

It also has three pin badges on it that are removable so you can take them off if you are worried about snagging them on anything.

The original 30 pounds price tag is a bit steep, but still an absolute must for Motorhead fans.

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"I suppose this bag is ok if you are a woman

I got this bag to carry a camcorder around at gigs, I did`nt expect it to resemble a handbag. I showed my mate it yesterday and he laughed, so not sure I will be using it. I also took the silly pin badges off it. It has a shiney plastic look, and bit of a poofy strap."

Better review maybe?
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