Motorola Atrix Dual Core £230.86 @ ILGS

Motorola Atrix Dual Core £230.86 @ ILGS

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Found 17th Oct 2011
For those of you who missed the £238.33 Atrix deal over the weekend this one has come up at £230.86. Cheaper price as the Atrix 2 is due out soon.
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Need to add delivery , think it's £9.95.
When you add special delivery it comes in at price below, you can get one of these brand new and sealed off ebay for £250 with express delivery.

MOTOROLA ATRIX - SM1533AW2B1 SM1533AW2B1 £192.38 1 £192.38 20.00% £38.48
Subtotal £192.38
Delivery £25.36 20.00% £5.07
TAX £43.55
Total £261.29
Are these a reputed seller?, was thinking of getting this deal but noticed some poor shop reviews on google, but there were also some 5 star reviews too.
good deal, shut up moaning
price is 309.06...
£309.06 inc VAT now
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