MOTOROLA Aura Mobile Phone £1168 @ Pixmania (Shipping fees: From £ 9.20 Inc. VAT)
MOTOROLA   Aura Mobile Phone £1168 @ Pixmania (Shipping fees: From £ 9.20 Inc. VAT)

MOTOROLA Aura Mobile Phone £1168 @ Pixmania (Shipping fees: From £ 9.20 Inc. VAT)

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The Motorola AURA is much more than just a mobile - it is a luxury accessory that draws on the craftsmanship of jewellers and watchmakers, as well as mobile phone manufacturers.

Motorola has used only the highest-quality, robust materials to create the AURA, and under its swivel keypad, you'll be impressed by its 15 mm-thick stainless steel body and plastic resin detail.

With its 360° swivel system, the AURA is built around a spherical, 68-carat sapphire-crystal display, which, with its 300 dpi definition, will display all your images and texts flawlessly.

The Motorola AURA has EDGE connectivity, as well as a built-in modem, so you can access mobile internet services wherever you go and send e-mails, MMS and surf the web.

The AURA also has a built-in 2-megapixel photo and video camera with an 8x digital zoom - not to mention an MP3 player, 2 GB internal memory and a visible mechanism to rival even the most reputable of Swiss watchmakers!

As powerful as it is pretty, the Motorola AURA mobile phone is a unique mobile and a unique accessory all rolled into one.

Gotta get me one of these !




Mines better.

:w00t: Oh great VAT is included - bargain! :giggle:

time are hard and you think £1193 is a good deal!!!! :?:?


I have unexpired and ammended the price as there is £25 discount using the voucher

what makes this phone worth so much?

because david beckham has endorsed it . duuhh

I wasnt going to buy one until I saw the £25 off voucher!!!

Bargain will look good with my tv!


oh, well thats just swung it for me........without the £25 off that would have been TOO much

Uh! Most ugliest phone i've ever seen! Plus its motorola! The design is crying out loud! Horrible! What were they thinking! I wouldnt buy it even if it was £50! Bah!

ordered 1 great value! putting it on my expences. dont worry theyll never find out.
2megapixel cam and 8x digital zoom,


I know its fake but by all accounts one of the best around :thumbsup:

I would rather spend the extra for an 8800 gold arte



£9.20 shipping has put me off.

The Aura looks like a bicycle back light !!!

Original Poster


time are hard and you think £1193 is a good deal!!!! :?:?

some people just don't get it :oops:

Cold. £1,166.60 including special delivery from mPhone:



P.S. That's a ridiculous price for a useless phone anyway!
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