Motorola Bluetooth Portable Car Kit - £14.99 (Was: £49.99) Delivered @ Woolworths !!

Motorola Bluetooth Portable Car Kit - £14.99 (Was: £49.99) Delivered @ Woolworths !!

Found 4th Jul 2008Made hot 4th Jul 2008
Enjoy effortless and affordable wireless connectivity on the move with this enhanced Motorola Portable Bluetooth® Car Kit .

Superior audio capabilities
Up to 12 hours talk time
200 hours standby time
Multi-function button for multiple operations
Clear sound and noise cancellation
Version 2.0 Bluetooth® wireless technology
Size: H2.5cm x L7.4cm x W4.5cm


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shame free delivery expired

Quidco available at Woolworths.

Any good? Any one got one?

Would not recomend. Got given one for free. Sometimes when you make calls or recieve it uses the phone speaker. Ended up causing me more hassle and close to crashing a few times fidling round with it. Just save the money and use the headphones you get with phones. Also the sound is terrible, no one can ever hear what i am saying.

I have had one since February and it has been great. My work colleague also has one too.

People I call say sound quality is great and I can hear them fine!

I have also played MP3's through it and although a little fuzzy they work!:thumbsup:

Scooped one up with free collect in store. Hot Hot Hot.

I have had one of these for well over a year and love it.

It works great with my old Motorola V3, works with my Sony Ericsson spare but very staccato with the Samsung J600 that the wife bought me for Christmas.

I have a works phone too, a Nokia and if I am driving on business I take the Motorola bluetooth with me because it works fine with that.

If it pairs with the phone and gives good sound then it should be excellent and certainly worth a shot at that price.

Charges from a Motorola mini-USB type connector so you can use a V3, V3i type in car charger.


thank you - was lokking for one last week and lo!

Looks good, but I can't see the point... I already have a bluetooth handsfree in the car so this would be no better... the battery always runs out on them just when you need them most anyway so whats the point?

plug into 12v genius

I bought the Jabra 500 form play 14 months ago for £14.99 and think its brilliant.Pairs really well with my 2 phones and the missus' one as well. Good sound in the car and voice call.

This is the T305, and is a great deal, even at double this price.

I managed to get one for around £30 when most places sold them for £50, but this is an amazing deal for £15, even at £20 with the delivery charge.

I can't recommend this gadget highly enough...

Edit: I also use it quite a lot in the car (5-6 hours per week?), and it only needs charging every three or four weeks - the battery life is amazing - certainly when compared to my mobile phone which needs charging every couple of days.

Good product - have had it since January and it just works. Was fine with Nokia 6233 then got BlackBerry with work, and it's fine too. I keep the phone in a cradle - the other day, I used the speed-dial for home, then realised the T305 was switched off. Turned it on, and it had paired before my daughter had answered the phone. Battery life is fine, quality is only a bit inferior to the fixed Nokia car kit I used before. Comes with a 12v-miniUSB cable which I use to charge the phone and my Creative ZEN.
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