Posted 17 September 2022

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra £675 with newsletter code @ Motorola Store

£675£749.9910% off
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Great price - currently £749.99 at Currys




Choose a phone with ultra performance.

Take incredibly detailed photos or 8K video with a 200 MP camera. Yes, really. That's 200 megapixels! Or play the most demanding games like it's nothing, thanks to top-tier Snapdragon 8+ processor.

The pOLED display allows you to see it all in gorgeous HDR colours and with 144 Hz refresh rate. So pretty, so sharp, so smooth.


  • The massive 4610 mAh battery gives you over a days' worth of power
  • Top up 12 hours of charge in 7 minutes with 125 W TurboPower fast charging
  • Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound adds a layer of immersion when you're watching shows or playing games
  • There's a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition, so no one else is getting in


  • SIM type - Dual Nano SIM
  • Type - SIM-free smartphone
  • Operating system - Android 12
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • Storage - Internal storage 256 GB
  • Memory card supported - No
  • RAM - 12 GB
  • Connectivity - 4G network 3G / 4G / 5G
  • GPS - Yes
  • Charging port - USB Type-C
  • WiFi - Yes
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth 5.2
  • NFC - Yes
  • WiFi hotspot and tethering - Yes
  • Speakers -Dolby Atmos Stereo Speakers
  • Screen resolution - Full HD+ 2400 x 1080p
  • Screen type - OLED
  • Screen size - 6.67"
  • Touchscreen - Yes

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  1. Avatar
    Not seen any proper camera reviews yet, which is surely the main reason to buy - or not.
    There's several reviews. All of them say it's good but not amazing. Gsmarena actually said the base Samsung S22 has a better camera, which is surprising. Low light photography is poor and the x2 telephoto, as anyone could have guessed, is mostly useless.

    I think if you play games this is a great phone. If you want fast charging and a good display, also fantastic. But if you want to take great photos this actually isn't the best option.
  2. Avatar
    Poor after sales support and not many phone repair shops have the parts to fix.
  3. Avatar
    I think people need to think about comparison....this does not compete with the apples and samsungs....it will never beat them at this price point...however it destroys the one plus and realme.....just do your research...they have so many software issues......this is pretty vanilla and has a better camera that 10t etc
    It absolutely does beat the Apple's and Samsung's.

    Source: Work for a smartphone retailer, have spent the weekend hands on with the X5 Pro, S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  4. Avatar
    Perks at work

    Gave me this price with this code ..

    What site is that on
  5. Avatar
    Wasn’t this 594 through the education store. This is still a deal but I am not paying more than 594 now
  6. Avatar
    It's a brave person who spends Samsung money on a Motorola phone.
    I couldn't agree more.
  7. Avatar
    Perks at Work have this for 595....I have bought one...pics look great....its 600 squid not 1200....not sure what people expect
    Really depends how far the "value for money" scale you want to get, there's always going to be extreme ways to get your moneys worth. Both the P40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro have far superior cameras and are cheaper, but have their own draw backs. With enough effort you can get an S21 ultra for £350-400 from Cex, but again, it has its own drawbacks.

    I think for £675 there are better options available - not in terms of display, charging or performance, but certainly for camera's.
  8. Avatar
    Lots of hate for this lol, it's got a good benchmark score more than S22 ultra and majority of other phones along with a good refresh rate it should be good for gaming, camera will be decent enough, hopefully dxomark score it as they only reviews I use for smartphone cameras as they know their stuff,
    Everything out of China scores more, they actually take the time out to optimise for benchmarks. The techies in the east love benchmarks and buy accordingly.
  9. Avatar
    Nice find and first deal @Kutioegj
    Optimise for the benchmark bud nothing else.

    How many times have you ran a benchmark in the last month?

    Lowering the screen resolution on certain parts of the test to score higher and locking the SOC to 100% performance proves what using the same SOC?
    How does it perform transcoding video when the dev has not optimised for the platform
    Will the game run at 90/120/144hz if the game hasn't been optimised for the platform?

    Apples have been topping benchmarks for years to not produce the same performance running an app. (edited)
  10. Avatar

    Have a look at this review....Great phone (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Already coming down from 750, wowsers
  12. Avatar
    I'm torn between this , s22 ultra or xperia 5 vi
    Mid-gen refreshes are around the corner and next gen refreshers are only a few months away.

    Personally, I'd suggest getting neither and being patient. Judging by rumours, Oppo, Vivo and Oneplus are all going to start using 1" sensors in their cameras, which is a huge leap forward compared to even the S22 ultra, which is essentially using 2-3 year old tech.
  13. Avatar
    Please Motorola, release the edge x30 special edition, underscreen camera version globally
  14. Avatar
    I saw a review of this and they raved about how good the 200 megapixel camera is. I thought the images they showed, looked a tiny bit pale or washed out and with a slight almost out of focus blurry look. It didn't mention if it has any sort of image stabilisation.

    Seems a bit gimmicky. Just making the sensor have more megapixels, doesn't necessarily make images any better. The quality of the lense and all the post processing make a lot of difference. That's why apple only recently changed their sensor for one with more megapixels, as they've probably reached the limit of software post processing on the older 14mp sensors.

    We'll have to wait and see if an update for the camera or using gcam or another photo app improves things.
  15. Avatar
    Really like Motorola phones but only 1 reason let them down. Moto doesn't care about software updates.
  16. Avatar
    Would anyone recommend this as a replacement/upgrade for a p30 pro?
    Yes, I'm replacing my P30 pro with this.
  17. Avatar
    Anyone who did get this and wants to share info etc please go to,everyone welcome facebook.com/gro…29/
  18. Avatar
    Anyone notice a rattling noise when they shake it ? Sounds like camera module
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