Motorola F3 Blue (Pay As You Go) £14.95 with £10 top up, in stock.
Motorola F3 Blue (Pay As You Go) £14.95 with £10 top up, in stock.

Motorola F3 Blue (Pay As You Go) £14.95 with £10 top up, in stock.

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saw this on the carphone warehouse, a very good cheap phone to have around the house.
Motorola F3 Blue (Pay As You Go) £4.95 with £10 top up, in stock.

used to be £2.95 but that offered ended and this is the next best i could find

for those who dont like orange,
visit phones4u

and they have it at the same price but there offer is on virgin mobile

both online and in store

might also get a further discount if you are an orange customer or trade in a old phone


Terrible phone.


Terrible phone.

It's started

The phone is reliable and suitable for those who don't require any fancy extras. The large letters/numbers are also designed to appeal to the elderly. Great phone for grandparents etc.

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Terrible phone.

suppose you want a 10 megapixel camera phone for a fiver


Terrible phone.

Uhm, it allows texts to be sent and it calls and recieves both.
Isnt that what a mobile phone is supposed to do? :thinking:

Isn't this £14.95 with £10 credit, as the current title is very ambiguous.

yh its 14.95 not 4.95 with 10 pounds credit.


Terrible phone.

Does it connect with the GSM network to make and receive calls/texts? If the answer is yes, how is it a terrible phone?

I voted cold purely for the nonsensical deal title

It's a terrible phone because it really doesn't do anything it's designed to do. It has large characters which should appeal to the elderly, but it's so difficult to actually navigate and recognise names in the address book, that even this essential neccessity becomes very difficult for the elderly.

Sending texts - theoretically it can do this. However, just try doing it! I think you get about 6 or 7 characters on screen at one time. So even some words longer than 7 characters span two screens. Very very difficult.

So all in all, it becomes very difficult for the elderly to use, and younger users will find it unattractive to use.

I'm 16, I had one for a good two months.


I'm 16, I had one for a good two months.

Never had one here, but it sounds dreadful :shock:

Sounds like a good phone for my mum who'd probably just dial numbers and use it like a house phone, and is a bit of a technophobe. So while you may like a camera, mp3 etc etc, this phone is a very good deal for someone who doesn't want to spend £200 on a phone for features they'll never use. Also it's a throw-away price, if it gets nicked are you really going to even bother making the effort of calling the police?

Voted hot because I think it's a great deal for some people, and it's currently in the negative.

Here's a video of its screen display.

I think it's a terrible phone to give to someone (even the elderly), but as an emergency phone, it may have its use once a year or so.

Just got 2 of these from play.co for £8.99 each, they are a terrible phone. but for this price what do you want?

Great for old fashioned people, who are technophobic.

Voted cold!

Sorry its just that you can get the phone £8.99 from play.com
No top up required!

Ideal for me to use at work as where I work mobile phones that can take photos or video aren't allowed on site.

I got one of these for the sole purpose of Orange Wednesday i got £5 cashback from quidco so i have paid £9.95 for a phone and £10 of credit voted hot hot hot

I bought one from phone4u and it's also unlocked. So can't complaint. It's good for phone calls not much else.......

Great, my F3 arrived from Carphonewarehouse for £4.95 with £10 Orange Airtime. Put in my O2 sim in there, no problem, it is not locked to Orange. The best phone you can buy if you want the few basic features and the outstanding display for which it was designed for. If you want more features and normal display you should be disappointed and you should look elsewhere. So the deal was £5 quidco, free delivery (e2save charges £5 delivery) so the total cost was £10 due to the Orange Airtime.
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