Motorola F3 Mobile Phone on Orange Pay As You [email protected] £5.00 TJ Hughes
Motorola F3 Mobile Phone on Orange Pay As You Go.@ £5.00 TJ Hughes

Motorola F3 Mobile Phone on Orange Pay As You [email protected] £5.00 TJ Hughes

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Just want a phone that you can make a call on or just text someone? Don't want to take pictures or browse the internet?
You just want to make sure Granny can call you when she wants picking up from the shops or the kids can always be reached in an emergency, then this is the phone for you.

Super slim design to match it's super slim price. Really easy to use so it's ideal for all technophobes!

Product Features:
-Exceptional outdoor readability
-Alarm Clock


Great for the kids or to throw in the glove compartment - or dare I say it - if you just want a phone to make phone calls. However please add £2.40 postage making £7.40.


cant believe this is voted cold, a phone for a fiver. !!!! some people just make a joke of the heat system

perfect for my nan :thumbsup:

I mentioned this yesterday, but there was no stock online, instore only

Note: Limited to 2 per person

Now out of stock, guess someone will be either in the FS forum or Fleabay selling these off in a few days! These phones are great, my dad loves his as he doesn't text, can easily read the screen to see who's calling and it's got great battery life too. It's VERY basic and if you do text then it's not for you, but if you have an old relative or want to keep an emergency phone in your glove compartment then get your hands on one of these if you can.

Oops, didn't realise it was just in-store, cheers Kelly_o_fanatic!

Try car phone warehouse or virgin. These have been all over the forum for the past two weeks with different companies
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