Motorola F3 Orange Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

Motorola F3 Orange Pre-Pay Mobile Phone

Found 28th May 2008
Cheap phone to kick about with... not bad for £9 delieverd

Vibration Alert
Call records: 20 dialed, received and missed calls
SMS Messaging
Dimensions 114 x 47 x 9 mm, 48 cc
Weight: 70 g

Basic but if its what someones looking for then its good


Ok phone, good for a spare (price indicates that I guess)... the battery power is good too.

Downsides: I find it a nightmare to use, I'll put my hands up and say it's because I'm so used to the Graphical Interfaces and so forth...

I bought one given the discounts, credit etc.... it was £5. I never use it so really a waste of £5

Excellent robust basic phone. Long battery life and its ability to take knocks means that I take it with me in preference to my main phone when doing outdoor activities such as mountain biking or paint-balling.

I bought the Orange version from Play when it was £9.99 in preference to the unlocked version (was £14.99) as I had heared that the Orange version was not locked and had no branding - this proved to be the case.

As a small bonus the Orange version comes with a neat silicon skin which makes it even more knock resistant.

Also has good call quality and a loud speaker phone - voted hot.

As stated its worth it for phone durability and calls.
But useless for txting and other stuff.
The alarm sounds like the world is gunna end. Also the ringtones are so bad and SO LOUD!!
Interface is awful.

Good deal if you are upgrading or entering a new contract and they want an old phone for credit ect!

£-stetcher has got this phone at £6.99 from thursday 29th may on virgin mobile. :whistling:

just bought one, what a **** phone!! OMG
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