Motorola FONE F3 for £19.99 + 6 months free line rental on a 6 month contract on Vrigin + £37.50 Qu
Motorola FONE F3 for £19.99 + 6 months free line rental on a 6 month contract on Vrigin + £37.50 Qu

Motorola FONE F3 for £19.99 + 6 months free line rental on a 6 month contract on Vrigin + £37.50 Qu

This is a strange deal. Firstly, you pay £19.99 for the handset. A Motorola F3. Then, you pay £15 per month to Virgin Mobile, which you claim back from OneStopPhoneShop in two £45 cashbacks at month 3 and month 6. You get 150 minutes and 150 texts each month, and can cancel at the end of the 6 months. Delivery is free. If you purchase via QuidCo.com then you'll get £37.50 in extra cashback... that's technically a profit of £17.51!!

REMEMBER not to accept the "technical help" which will cost you £2 per month after the first month or the insurance priced at a stupid £8.99 per month after the first 3 months. Send cashback claims on time and by recorded delivery. Do this and you WILL get your cashback. Our users have foun OSPS to be a reliable company.

The Motorola FONE F3 is just 9mm thick and has a unique display that uses digital ink. Motorola's Clearvision electrophoretic display consists of particles suspended in fluid, which each have a light and a dark side. The particle can be flipped using an electric charge and the effect of this unique technology is that the display can be read even in direct sunlight. The FONE F3 is a basic phone yet it is robust, light and slim. This makes it ideal as a second handset for taking out and about when you don't want to be carrying your main phone around with you.


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Thanks ducky

Bit cheaper than buying F3 separately...

In my opinion, this company act with blatent disregard and contempt for their customers. Earlier I took out 8 contracts with them. Recently, after they repeatedly broke promises and did not pay monies owed to me, I was forced to issue proceedings against them in the small claims court. Eventually, they decided to pay the money owed to me and I was told by a Solicitor from their legal department that this should never have progressed this far and the company should have paid the monies owed straight away. However, my impression is that they would anything to avoid fulfulling their contractual obligations. I spoke to the MD of the online department, Chris Murton and I expressed my feelings to him. After having spoken to him, I now understand why the company is in such a state!!!! Charles Dunstone refused to speak to me about the matter. In my opinion the company is rotten from the top and I would certainly advise anyone to stay well clear of the Onestopphoneshop section of the Carphone Warehouse group.

i'm not sure if they're still doing the sim-only deal for 6mths, but if so u can pick one up from thephonespot (another CPW subsidiary) which gives £50 quidco cashback

the F3, if you really want the phone, can be bought from phones4u.co.uk 's clearance for section for £24.95 (which includes £10 payg credits) and then go thru quidco to get £10 back

effectively cheaper than e2save's deal by approx a fiver, with an extra tenner's credit thrown in...but of course more troublesome compared to getting it all from one retailer

I have just gone for this deal, quidco is tracking 0.01p!! Fantastic! The 1st time i've used quidco ever and it don't work!

I have 1 question, when the 6th month bill arrives ie bill number 6, can i then call virgin to cancel the contract and still send off the cashback form and it will go through ok?
I ask as I currently have a deal with e2save, 12months on o2, i have bill number 12 in my hand..should i be calling o2 to say goodbye this evening and will e2save payup still?

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Yup, e2save will pay as long as you've stayed for your contracted time, 12 months.

Things sometimes track at £0.01 and then change to the full amount later. The fact it's tracked is good news. I think mobile companies usually pay QuidCo a month into your contract.

cool cool, liking the sound of that

e2save have been perfect so far, have no bad words for them.
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