Motorola HF850 Wired Bluetooth Car Kit £5 instore ~ Halfords

Motorola HF850 Wired Bluetooth Car Kit £5 instore ~ Halfords

Found 22nd Jan 2010
Halfords have reduced there Motorola HF850 Bluetooth Car Kit (this is hard wired into your car) down to £5. It is in store only and will be in there clearance area next to the radios.

Have provided a link to show you what it is and what price it is retailling at.…tml


is this all halfords?

is this the one with the external speaker?

sounds good - do you have a scan of the receipt or an item code ?

o2 have a samsung one instore for £6. You get an incar charger for samsung phone with it. Its an instore only deal i think and the box says it was £34.99. its black and chrome, easy to use and nice sound quality. Incase anyone is near an o2 store, or better still phone them up as i believe they are local numbers.

What's the 6 digit product code on the receipt siearl please?

I have one and they are pretty good. They do have an external speaker but can be wired to use the stereo speakers. However this is a bit more complicated than newer models. I got a kit from justcarkits to provide the power and mute the stereo and put the sound to the stereo speakers. It made fitting very easy as all I had to do then was mount the button, run the mic cable and mount the control box under the dash. BTW when I bought mine about two years ago from amazon it was £10.

checked three halfords stores near me (I was passing anyway) - nothing

staff said they haven't had these for ages :-(

shame would have been nice
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