Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kit - eBuyer @ £49.99 incl Delivery
Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kit - eBuyer @ £49.99 incl Delivery

Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kit - eBuyer @ £49.99 incl Delivery

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Motorola HMEZ2001 Homesight Wireless Security Monitoring Kit - with a FREE Wireless Day/Night IR Camera and NOW 6 Months FREE Remote Access Account.
Stay in touch with the important things in life with our affordable, custom-tailored monitoring, security and control system. The Homesight system allows you to see whats happening at home any time. From home, at work, even on vacation, you can keep a watchful eye on what matters most.

* Watch and hear your baby from the kitchen
* Know when your kids get home from school - while youre still at work
* Receive an alert when windows and doors are opened or closed
* Monitor temperature levels and water leaks in your home*
* Get real-time notifications if something unexpected occurs
* NOW with a wireless IR Camera also for Night Vision CCTV
* NOW with 6 months remote access account

Using your broadband Internet connection, the Homesight system keeps you connected to your home and family through your PC or compatible cell phone.** If theres a problem when youre away, the system will alert you - and up to 7 other people that you designate.***
When youre on the go, youll receive text message alerts and still images on your cell phone***. From at home or the office, you can view real-time colour video clips and still images on your PC***. The system will also record events while youre out so you can review colour video clips with sound or still images when you return home.
Your system starts here with the Motorola Homesight Wireless Easy Start Kit. This kit provides hardware and software to install a Homesight system yourself - in just 30 minutes. And because its wireless, theres no holes to drill or wires to run. Program the wireless camera to record activity at timed intervals or when motion is detected. Program the door/window sensor to recognize the opening or closing of entry points and to trigger cameras for recording.
Then, you can further customize your system to fit your lifestyle with optional accessories, including additional cameras, a Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Power Controller, and more. Whatever options you choose, the Homesight system gives you peace of mind, all the time.
* Optional accessory required.
** Mobile phone with text/picture messaging required for mobile remote notification. (Normal air and/or carrier usage charges apply.)
*** Myhome247 monthly subscription plan required
Convenience Features:

* Easy to install and operate.
* System Controller connects to your computers USB port
* Wireless Cameras allows for real-time viewing in and around the home

Versatility Features:

* Wireless design simplifies camera set up
* System can support up to 3 Wired Cameras, 12 Wireless Cameras and 16 controllers/sensors

Performance Features:

* System works with your PCs broadband Internet connection to capture and store activity for later viewing
* Wireless Cameras captures video and audio
* Wireless Cameras features integrated motion sensor and manually adjustable pitch and rotation

System Support:

* Online support available between 09:00am - 6:00pm
* One year limited warranty

System Requirements:

* Intel® Pentium® 3 Processor or equivalent
* Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP Home/XP
* Professional or higher (Not MAC Compatible)
* 256MB of RAM
* 45MB of hard drive space recommended for install files
* Available USB port
* Optional monthly subscription required for 2-way remote system control
* Broadband Internet service, Cable/DSL modem and Myhome247 subscription account required for remote notification (see subscription plans)
* Mobile text alerts functionality subject to text bundles purchased separately (see text bundles)

Whats Included:

* Wireless System Controller with Power Adapter
* 1 Wireless Indoor Day Cameras with Power Adapters.
* 1 Wireless Day/Night IR Camera
* Wireless Door/Window Sensor
* 8 ft. AC Adapter Extension Cable for Wireless Day Cameras
* Two AAA Duracell® Batteries
* Mounting Hardware
* CD-ROM containing Homesight Software
* Quick Start Guides
* 6 Months Free Remote Service Access included.


Looks good deal to me.. Anyone know the cost of subscription after 6 months free period ?


Don't pay for the subscription...

This perticular model has to be connected to a PC that's switched on all the time, in which case install something like [url]www.logmein.com[/url] on it and then you can access the PC from any webbrowser in the world.

It's a fairly good system. I've got mine setup with 4 window/door sensors, 2 power control units, 1 wired cam, 1 wireless day and 1 wireless day/night cam.

Set it up to do things like: when movements detected in the garage, turn the light on. When the door opens in the shed, turn the light on.

You can set things on timers as well, like turning a light/appliance on at certain times etc.

All the add-ons can be found here:


Few notes;
This can only be installed on 2000, XP and Vista. Doesn't work on Server operating systems. Also, I never got it functioning correctly within a Virtual machine (using VMWare's USB passthrough).

If anyone has any questions, I'll try and answer

* 1 Wireless Indoor Day Cameras with Power Adapters.
* 1 Wireless Day/Night IR Camera

So it only comes with 2 cameras, unliike the image shown OP?


Original Poster


* 1 Wireless Indoor Day Cameras with Power Adapters.* 1 Wireless … * 1 Wireless Indoor Day Cameras with Power Adapters.* 1 Wireless Day/Night IR CameraSo it only comes with 2 cameras, unliike the image shown OP?Shima

Shima - I think you get 3 cameras as per a review on the site.

Sweet thanks for that.

That makes this one hotty mc hot!

Heat and rep added yo


Rubbish camera system & rubbish ebuyer cust support. the quality of the camera's is poor, they are DAY camera's only so picture is useless at night. You can only reduce the times of recording by 2-3 fixed increments. Very limited s/ware and hassle to get to work on vista. I finally had to call the camera support line (not ebuyer as they were useless) and they went thro' what & where to get hold of the vista s.ware.

PC must be switched on at ALL times to record images unless you purchase the extra add-ons to allow it to be done without the pc. With todays current electricity prices (sorry rip-off energy suppliers) leaving a pc switched on 24/7 is expensive especially if you have a large wattage psu like me!

1 of my camera's had a broken cable connection, this was over 6mths ago now & ebuyer still haven't sent me a replacement or offered any help! Avoid
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