Motorola KRZR K1: 12 Months free on 12 Month contract + £60 Quidco
Motorola KRZR K1: 12 Months free on 12 Month contract + £60 Quidco

Motorola KRZR K1: 12 Months free on 12 Month contract + £60 Quidco

The Motorola K1 KRZR is available on Anytime 40, for 12 months Free on a 12m contract @ phones4u.co.uk.

Anytime 40: 500 crossnet mins and 500 SMS each month.

Cashback (£480) claimed over 4 instalments of £120 each at months 3, 6, 9 and 12. Go via Quidco for £60 cashback giving you a total profit of £60 for the year.

The phone is available in Black or Silver. It seems like the phone is new and NOT reconditioned.


Thanks for your first deal post Nazht and Welcome to the forums!!!

no feedback for cashback with phones4u?

They also have the LG ‘Chocolate’ KG800 on exactly the same tariff; Wine only

I had a problem with an order that I placed with phones4u last week so I’ll mention it in case anyone else has the same issue.
I placed the order and heard nothing apart from the initial email confirmation. On phoning them I was told that the credit check with Vodaphone had failed which surprised me. So I phoned Vodaphone and they had no record of the transaction. I spoke with phones4u again and an account handler suggested that I checked my credit record to see if a credit check had been initiated. I took out a 30 day free trial with a credit report company and it confirmed that no credit check had been taken out in the last week. I spoke with phones4u again and was told that they could initiate a manual credit check with Vodaphone. I was concerned that by now the transaction would be flagged as cancelled as far as Quidco were concerned; £60 is not to be sniffed at.
The phones4u person said that the £1 deposit on the transaction had not been refunded so the transaction would still go through under the initial order number and the quidco transaction would be okay. So I agreed to go ahead with the manual credit check but once I got off the phone I checked my quidco account and the status for the transaction was already showing as declined. So I got back on the phone and managed to cancel the order immediately even though the sales person said I would have to wait until the credit check had gone through which I didn’t want to happen.
All ‘n’ all a bit of serious technical glitch they have with their computer systems. :w00t:
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