Motorola L6 - as little as £22 on Virgin PAY-G

Motorola L6 - as little as £22 on Virgin PAY-G

Found 3rd Jul 2006
Virgin Mobile have the Motorola L6 (Refurbished) for £39.99 on their website. With this, you get £5 in free airtime, so effectively the cost if just £35. Then, QuidCo have a special rate of £8 at the moment, so the price ends up at about £27!! You also get 1,000 free texts every month to other Virgin users until the end of September!!

When it comes to thinness, the Motorola L6 is the out and out winner. This is no lightweight when it comes to the offers Bluetooth that allows you to transfer snapshot images and other files to and from the phone. It also features some very clever power-saving technology, which only turns on the keypad's cool-blue lights when it is absolutely necessary.

If you wish, purchase via for the £8 cashback.

If you already have an account with Vrigin mobile then log-in and you'll get £10 off the price!! This means that it therefore costs £21.99 after QuidCo!! (Thanks yas for pointing that one out!)
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That's a really good deal. These can sell on eBay for 50+ - but I just splashed out on an SDA
Thanks for the compliments.
Wow that is a bargain.
Out of stock now
No wonder!! Let's click the 'expired' button.
Back in stock.
Thanks go to yas for pointing out that you can get this for as little as £22.
All gone again at 09:52 BST
get the new stock version for £69.99 with £35 airtime, £8 quidco, £10 virgin account = £16.99 all considered.
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