Motorola L7 SLVR Red PAYG - £99.95 + £10 free airtime + money donated to charity for free!!

Motorola L7 SLVR Red PAYG - £99.95 + £10 free airtime + money donated to charity for free!!

Found 16th Jul 2006
The CarPhoneWarehouse have the Motorola L7 Red on Orange or Vodafone psay as you go for £99.95 with £10 free airtime... so the phone costs just £89.95!! You can get £5 in cashback if you purchase via, so the price can be reduced further to £84.95. Delivery is free. It's also available a little dearer on o2, virgin, fresh mobile and t-mobile.

The red Motorola SLVR mobile phone isn't just a design icon. It isn't just a camera phone. It's part of Product RED, an international campaign that's supporting AIDS programmes in Africa with a focus on women and children.
When you buy one of the special-edition red Motorola SLVR handsets, Motorola will make a one-off contribution to the Global Fund fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. In addition, 5% of your spending on calls will be donated to the Global Fund without costing you a penny extra on your tariff.

In return, you'll receive one of the world's slimmest camera phones. It's just 11.5mm thick, yet there's still room for a high-tech glowing keypad, a vivid colour screen, an MP3 music player, games, a handsfree loudspeaker and a video recorder. You can even expand the phone's built-in storage by using a memory card. The red Motorola SLVR is also the perfect travelling companion, with quad-band international coverage, Bluetooth wireless technology, a mobile internet browser and an email program.
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This phone is still available!!

You can view this phone in fun, interactive 3D so that you can get a better feel of it by CLICKING HERE.
oh your links are brokrn it goes to carphone wharehouse.
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