Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor - £70.87 @ Amazon

Motorola MBP36S Baby Monitor - £70.87 @ Amazon

Found 7th Oct 2017
This is the cheapest I've seen it for quite a while.
Argos and others have it at £99.99 or more.

I've got one already but after 3 years of solid use it's on it's way out and I've just had another baby!
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Great price for this. Absolutely no issue with the camera or the monitor but the battery and the charging cable has been so poor. We've had a replacement battery within 2 years and replaced the cable with just our own set up. Shame really but as I say, the camera and monitor have been great.
The charging port on ours broke after 3 months, Toys R Us replaced the unit and that units cable broke too after 5 months.

In the end they gave us a MBP43 I think it is instead which has lasted 4 years with no issues. Been dropped several times yet still going strong. Not sure why they didn't carry on with that design, maybe the 36s is cheaper to make.

The MBP43 actually has better FPS in night vision. No stuttering at all. With the 36s we noticed the frame rate was not as advertised at all.

Heat for the price but be aware these aren't very sturdy.
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price gone up to £99.99
Got the same for £27 from asda. Works well and no issues as yet!!!
Quite a few "open box" ones available in amazon warehouse for just over £60 may be of use to anyone who thinks they have missed out.
Charging port has failed on 2 of our units
I’ve had the same problem! I love the baby monitor but after using it for 9 months I’ve already had to change the charging cable!
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Its poor quality and the viewing angle is not great, I’d shop around or go for a cheap ip camera if you’re a bit tech savvy
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