Motorola MBP48 5 inch Video Baby Monitor £59.99 amazon uk

Motorola MBP48 5 inch Video Baby Monitor £59.99 amazon uk



Open box available for cheaper with extra 20% off…ola
Nice price but terrible reviews
Yeah these seem to be really hit and miss. We’ve got this model and have had no problems with it in the 7+months we’ve been using it so far. The pictures good, the range is good (babies room is at the front of the house and ours still gets signal at the back of the garden 120ft away) and we’ve had no battery problems. The only thing that is a bit annoying is that whenever you press the button to turn the screen on in the night it does beep.
But looking at some of the reviews since we bought it there’s definitely been some issues people have had, on the battery side of things the charge cable has to face a certain way but could be being jammed in the wrong way round by some users as the port shape isn’t defined enough possibly?
🤞ours continues to work fine
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