Motorola Moto E3 Sim Free £80.96 with coupon code - Argos on Ebay

Motorola Moto E3 Sim Free £80.96 with coupon code - Argos on Ebay

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First deal, fresh meat for the pitchforks.

While this might be a general-use code, it might save a few of you a few minutes of shopping around. This was the cheapest price I could find it for when I was buying one this afternoon. Tesco Direct have it for £85 but their Click and collect is next day, whereas I had the phone in my hand within 20 mins of checking out.

It's a nice phone for the money, the 1GB RAM and weak chipset means it's 'good enough' for the basics and that's about it. The OS takes up about 3GB of the 8GB storage. I had 2 system updates to do, less than 10MB each but leave it alone for 15 mins or so to finish processing those. It's capable of playing Pokemon Go. It comes with a charger wall plug as well as the USB cable unlike some previous Moto phones.

The coupon code is used at checkout: CEBAYARGOS

Add the phone into your 'basket' and go from there.

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Good price, although the better spec Moto G4 Play (16GB) was available for £79 two weeks ago, admittedly using codes at Motorola.

Have some heat though.

better than an iPhone 4s?


better than an iPhone 4s?

Yeah I reckon so.

I compared this handset to the G4 Play and found them to be almost identical. However, the E3 is noticeably slower in operation. Opening and using apps is very sluggish in comparison to the G4 Play.

Occasionally the whole thing would get bogged down and not respond to anything for 10-30secs.

It's also noticeably more sluggish than its predecessor (Moto E 2nd Gen), which is likely due to the 1Ghz Mediatek processor, quite disappointing.

It should be fine for those who don't do much other than call and text. Browsing and Facebook use is quite rubbish on it though. If you can get the G4 Play for around the same price then you are getting an almost identical phone, but one that's much more responsive.

I think the G4 is worth the extra £27 from the same seller, it's been going in and out of stock and I've just ordered one.…080

Not that it matters as I don't have a time machine but this was available for £50 a few weeks ago from a different retailer. If you can wait it will surely go down again.


online it says 25 off any purchase but taking out only 8.99 off

10% off when you spend £25


10% off when you spend £25

​yeah sorry just checked
brought it


​yeah sorry just checkedbrought it

Where did you bring it to
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