Motorola Moto G 16g Unlocked @ TESCO (IN STORE)  £69.00

Motorola Moto G 16g Unlocked @ TESCO (IN STORE) £69.00

Found 6th Aug 2014
Now discontinued only £69.00 on remaining stock at any TESCO ! My local Tesco had just sold their last one this afternoon but the assistant said this is national deal so def worth checking your local Tesco. Also if you want the 8g version it is still £119.00
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Sorry this Phone is discontinued by TESCO and not Motorola
At my local Tesco the 8g version is £119. I should know i have just been there

8gb version is £59

except only one person seems to have been able to purchase one....
I was lucky to get two of these at £80 each in my local Tesco a month ago. No more running around in search of these. I doubt there are very many left in stores.
None in my local tesco either. The sales guy suggested trying stores that didn't have a phone shop in store as they might still be holding stock
dunno why this is getting cold, clearly not just in one store and it's a cracking phone (love mine) plus 16gb is plenty enough for most uses.
Thanks got last 2 in my store for 69 now to sell on eBay!
8gb is £129 in my local
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Thanks got last 2 in my store for 69 now to sell on eBay!

Scumbag - Is a word
this is an obvious price drop as th 4g version is taking over but great phone for people short on cash
Wild goose chase. ;o)
Good Deal.
On display in Wisbech at £69 and available.
Hi I am trying to find stock near to Tunbridge Wells Sevenoaks Crowborough or any where within a certain distance has anyone seen any thanks
Loads in Prestatyn Wales!

Scumbag - Is a word

I was only joking haha (: i have a note 3 (:
Not available anywhere anymore. Tesco was getting rid off them as discontinued line. Asked several stores and got the same response. Good for OP and others who got them in time.
Got one in Bristol. Asked one person who said no then checked at main desk and they found one so still out there
Has anyone else picked one of these up in the Newcastle / Cumbria area as my Mrs has just smashed the one I bought her at Christmas? Also if anyone wants to sell one they have bought but don't actually need then feel free to PM me and then we can do the sale via the For Sale area of here. Cheers
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