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Posted 1 January 2023

Motorola Moto G22 4G 6.5" Mobile Phone 64GB 4GB RAM Unlocked - £99 (PAYG) @ O2 Shop

£99£11917% off
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Having seen the recent argos deals at £119, thought this was worth a repost and reminder uts still available for £99 at O2, don't top up the sim on arrival.

  • The Android 12 operating system makes it super responsive to every tap and swipe, so it's perfect for quickly sending messages and switching between apps
  • Thanks to the quad cameras you can take sharper photos, ultra-wide angle shots and beautifully detailed close-ups
  • Your favourite Netflix shows and mobile games will be brought to life on the ultra-wide 6.53" HD+ display
  • 64 GB of storage space gives you plenty of room for your important apps and photos, or you can pop in a microSD card for up to 1 TB of extra storage
  • The massive 5000 mAh battery lets you enjoy you over 2 days of power on a single charge

Gsmarena Specs

O2 More details at O2
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  1. Avatar
    Where does it say it’s unlocked
    From December 2021,Mobile companies are banned from selling locked handsets anywhere in The UK- Ofcom
  2. Avatar
    had to buy one in a physical shop, is there anyway of getting the tenner back for the sim card i don't need, but had to buy?
    If the £10 has been added to the SIM as credit, then you could use that to pay for things online (e.g. apps/games through the Google Play store, Microsoft/Xbox store and probably others), or use it for charitable donations.
  3. Avatar
    Is this 5G compatible
    Up to 4G only.
  4. Avatar
    Could somebody recommend the best 5g android phone for about 100 to 150 £ ? Thanks
    If you can splurge a bit more money the Poco F3 is 5g and an absolute bargain. It's a very powerful phone for the cash.

    I was just looking on Cex and prices start at about £175 which is higher than I hoped for second hand, as I bought this phone back in April from the manufacturer brand new for £200. Hopefully it will drop again at some point, as it's been out a while now.

    Maybe try eBay if you want one. I just searched sold items and the last one sold for just over £150.
  5. Avatar
    FInally a good branded phone with 4GB of RAM under £100!
    Can finally replace the hubbys 2GB Redmi 9AT. (edited)
  6. Avatar
    My iPhone 8 has gone wrong I’m on o2 sim only is this as easy to use as my iPhone just phone text and use what’s app
    Should have got a sony
  7. Avatar
    My youngest loves his and the battery lasts ages. My eldest has an older version (g10 or 20 I think) and it’s still going strong. Not got all the bells and whistles but performs really well for the money
    You're not likely to much in the way of an all singing, all dancing phone/tablet, for just shy of £100 these Day's, are you?

    And even moreso, on account of our current 'climate', etc?

    Interpret such, as you will ...
  8. Avatar
    Perfick deal for those who don't need that free VOXI sim at Argos!
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    Hello Moto happy new year🔥
    Happy new year brother
  11. Avatar
    Any views on this vs the Oppo A77 5g that was posted earlier for £119, is it worth the extra ?

    Just looking for a fairly basic phone for family member
    Same thoughts!
  12. Avatar
    I've a Moto g9 play, would this be much of an upgrade, if at all?
  13. Avatar
    Poor reviews, a step back.
    Was searching Motos recently for my son, and there's good and bad points on basically them all, particularly if wanting to restrict to a 6.5" screen I recommended, and he bought a G62, and he's very pleased with it.
  14. Avatar
    Samsung galaxy A13 5g
  15. Avatar
    I have moto G9 plus had for 2 years was looking at another Moto but the majority of Moto phones are only 64GB also the screens are hardened glass
  16. Avatar
    The Helio G37 is the killer for me in this phone. Cortex A53s in 2023
    It's perfectly fine for modern versions of Android and many apps still.
    Much like PC's, old CPU's can still work in todays world (just built a very capable gaming pc with a 4th gen i5). (edited)
  17. Avatar
    The G22 has a poor screen, not very bright .. imo pay a bit more and go for G31 (£120) or G32 (£150). Screens are much better G32 has better processer and fast charging than G31. Though G31 has nice oled screen but slow charging. Take a look at the reviews on YouTube. Pros and cons for all.
    It's not that bad, but there are always better options for a little more.
    Depends how fussy someone is really and their personal preferences.
    I have my brightness at 50%, I doubt this phone is any darker than that.
  18. Avatar
    I am on a g10 and looking at this but I hold on to my phone's forever.
    You are not the only one holding on to your phone forever! I think I am right in saying there are thousands of us. I must confess though that OS/security updates bug and of course the greater and better functionality of newer technologies is getting to me in spite of me being a tight wad.
  19. Avatar
    So can you add the phone and the rolling PAYG SIM and just not use the SIM when it arrives
  20. Avatar
    Bought this but the screen is so dim at full brightness (with adaptive off). Whites are more like grey.
    I'm no OLED snob, I came from a Moto G5 and this screen is not even as bright as that.
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