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Motorola Moto G54 256GB 8GB 5G Smartphone (5000mAh, Dimensity 7020 5G , 120Hz, MicroSD) ££161.99 w/newsletter code

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Moto are making some cracking phones at the minute, and this one is no different, top specs for the money, around the same price as the redmi note 12 currently, but that is 4G and has 4GB RAM for example, stock feeling UI in the moto of course, with a few nice touches.

Navigate to the top of the page for the 10% off sign up, note it takes a good few hours to come in, but it does arrive, that dimensity 7020 better than the previous snapdragon 695 which powers a lot of the lower end 5G phones according to Geekbench

Comparison between the Moto G54 and G53

  • 6.5-inch IPS panel with a 1080p resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate
  • MediaTek Dimensity 7020 chipset
  • 5,000 mAh battery that supports 15 W charging
  • 50 MP primary camera
  • 16 MP front-facing camera
  • 2 MP auxiliary rear-facing camera

Motorola More details at
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  1. bigalinuk's avatar
    Indigo and glacier blue now back in stock
  2. mitzg1993's avatar
    Anyone recommend cheap yet decent case for this phone? As it's new can't seem to find any yet
    MDL199's avatar
    This one seems ok

    Motorola Moto G54 Case, Moto G54 5G Cover, Ultra-Thin Carbon Fiber Texture Phone Cover Silicone Bumper Soft TPU Rubber Shockproof Slim Protective Skin Case for Motorola Moto G54 6.5-Inches, Black amzn.eu/d/0…70w
  3. tom1234321's avatar
    so many Motorola phones released recently and hard to justify which to buy as many similarities between them.

    This, G84 or edge 40 Neo to replace my aging Motorola One Vision which has served me well.

    If you had to buy a Motorola which would you personally go with as a budget of under £300.

    I've never cared for the expensive flag ship phones costing £500+.

    Thanks in advance if anyone replies to my comment.
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Probably go G84, seems to be the best value / all rounder for your budget
  4. pentaya's avatar
    Heat added. I hope this is a bit cheaper as it doesn't have 5G (edited)
    Xxavier's avatar
    Says 5G in the title?
  5. Akoya's avatar
    Good spot, has OIS, 3.5mm jack and fm radio! Also trade in old phone a possibility as well
    deanlfc's avatar
    Odd that the trade in doesn't have any Sony phones.
  6. SandyOMine's avatar
    did anyone manage to buy it...somehow stuck on "Go to Payment" and it wont proceed further
    paul.js's avatar
    I had the same issue with Chrome, was able to complete the order using Firefox.
  7. Feargal's avatar
    This model has Bluetooth 5.3 which may resolve a few BT issues for some people

    "In general, the new features of Bluetooth 5.3: lower latency, better anti-interference, and lower power consumption. The low latency and strong anti-interference are most directly reflected in the gaming experience." 2 Mar 2023

    The edge 40 NEO has BT 5.4 but unable to understand what exact advantage that may or may not have over 5.3
  8. GlennTheBaker's avatar
    Hurry up, 10% off code! I'm ready to pull the trigger on this!
    elloco8's avatar
    Yes but I received it a couple of days ago. Can’t remember precisely how long it took
  9. elloco8's avatar
    There is an offer for one years free insurance but I think that you actually need to select that option in order to receive it
  10. databar's avatar
    How quick is delivery? Please
    Xxavier's avatar
    2-3 workin days
  11. Vibora's avatar
    The thing to be wary with this version is that this China/UK version only has 15W charging 5000mAh battery and a 2 MP macro lens (pretty rubbish) in addition to the main 50MP camera, whereas the reviews online typically refer to the Indian spec which has 33W charging 6000 mAh battery and a 8 MP ultrawide lens. (edited)
    Xxavier's avatar
    Thank you. I was ordered it based on the 6000mAh (after reading few reviews) but your comment helped me to cancel my order.
  12. ohsomeonenew's avatar
    Motorola - a new xiaomi
    innocent's avatar
    ....but the same beloved MrSwitch.
  13. komi's avatar
    Looks like a good alrounder with msd support.

    Just released too so hopefully good for updates for sometime. (edited)
    hermano2's avatar
    As with the other Motorola phone this will not receive any Android update beyond Android 14. Compare this with new Samsung phones that will get 4 Android updates..... (edited)
  14. tiree's avatar
    Great specs for the money though the lack of an Amoled display puts me off personally..
  15. FlyingSquirrel's avatar
    Not much of an improvement over the G32 sadly. Not worth the extra money
    Liam_Jaffray's avatar
    For the extra £40-£50 you're getting 8GB of RAM Vs 4GB in the Moto G32, 120hz over 90hz, Dimensity 7020 Vs SD690, launches on Android 13 and will get Android 14 too. Well worth the £40 extra.
  16. innocent's avatar
    Nice one OP. You have rightly given one comparison in your description but I will go over your head and give another one to people for the sake of completeness
    flec's avatar
    This is unbelievable value compared to the G84
  17. Caz42's avatar
    Looks like a lot of phone for the money this and it's 6.5 which some seem to prefer.
    Heat as always!
    innocent's avatar
    For that lovely helpful comment, now the answer to your question which I see you have deleted is "male". I might come across as effeminate (or whatever the current fashionable word is) in my comments, it's all a harmless cover up!
  18. plewis00's avatar
    Are they picking up where Xiaomi left off? They seem to be the only ones stuffing the phone with key components that people might want and more than 4GB RAM.
    chancooluk's avatar
    They are making up for the rubbish they released last year. The G13, 23, 53 and 73 were overpriced and under-powered compared to the previous years.
  19. Privé's avatar
    Got the Moto G32 on a recent deal for someone and they're really happy with it. Someone else in the family need an upgrade from a brick so this should fit the bill nicely!
    wydcus's avatar
    can the 64gb be expanded using sd card to increase storage for apps etc on g32? Not so keen on the green casing on g54 but just want a reliable expandable handset for elderly dad who uses phone for basics (web surfing, Facebook, WhatsApp)? Any advice greatly appreciated
  20. wipeout's avatar
    Is Motorola's update policy (or lack of) still as bad as ever?
    chancooluk's avatar
    Yep. 1 Android update.
  21. shug119's avatar
    Still in stock, change colour.
  22. Miklos_Pflancer's avatar
    Thanks Mr switch
  23. shug119's avatar
    Good find.
  24. drapertron's avatar
    Unbelievably good specs for that price, shame it's only in Mint Green
    jazzuk777's avatar
    That's what phone cases are for
  25. wydcus's avatar
    Anyone know of a black case to cover up the mint green casing? :/ :/
  26. Husnaan's avatar
    Ordered. Thank you
  27. zeberdys's avatar
    Tempted as need larger capacity phone current Xiaomi 10T lite 5g been good but only 64Gb and getting stuffed by apps.

    Not found easy way to move apps to SD card ??

    Also need to be carefull that using SD as storage could be a security issue if loose phone or stolen.

    Fine for music and videos none critical stuff.

    Compared above Moto G54 v 10T lite on GSM and seems lacking in a few arears no Gorilla glass and camera seems a down grade.

    Great price for mid range and thanks to switchy for highlighting but hopefully Black Friday Might deliver ?? (edited)
    PhilK's avatar
    My Xiaomi 11 lite 5G has been great all bells and whistles got it for a little more than this - but I'd say this Motorola is right up your street and ticks all boxes
  28. rdr12's avatar
    How does this compare to a Samsung A53? Wife has killed her S21 FE but need to replace it with something cheaper
    MDL199's avatar

    Seems performance on the Moto is better but camera a fair bit better on the Samsung. The Samsung will also get another 4 years of updates and it's going for around £260 on Amazon and eBay.

    If I was you and was wanting a Samsung I'd look at the A34 which outperforms both phones and can be had cheaper than the A53 on eBay and Amazon if you search through different sellers

  29. regcar's avatar
    Thank you Mr Switch again. Couldn't make it work on Edge on PC, just hanging at end.
    Worked on Android Note 10, but a struggle to get to enter Visa Card. Not really sure how I got there, but it then worked. Read the discount code on PC and had to enter manually.
    Liked the sound of some of the specs. Waterproof very useful, as it is raining hard here in Wales!
  30. john_william's avatar
    The g84 has a 12gb ram and 256 hhd.... Ordered the g84.. Gr8 find. Thanks

    And comes with 1yr free screen damage cover. Must be added to basket to get deal (edited)
  31. ansonuk1's avatar
    🔥 nice
  32. shillstomper's avatar
    all colours OOS
  33. EmJayiii's avatar
    Heat added, just bought.
  34. Phil_R19's avatar
    Thanks just ordered another phone from your deals. Got it for £161.99 with the years free screen protection
  35. PhilK's avatar
    Out Of Stock now, must have sold a few
    Yet when I went back, available again. Odd (edited)
  36. shug119's avatar
    Any thoughts
    Motorola Moto G54s, v Oppo Reno 8 light v OnePlus Nord CE 5G .
    Husnaan's avatar
    Prices are different, what are you comparing
  37. Supatramp's avatar
  38. carefreeblue's avatar
    I'm sure it's a boring question to many, but is this the type of item likely to get slashed lower in price for black Friday etc ?
    bigalinuk's avatar
    I am no expert but as this is a new release I'm guessing probably not but you never know for sure.
  39. wydcus's avatar
    looks good deal - G54 this) or Honor x6a can you recommend? I like lack of bloatware on Moto phones!
  40. clay's avatar
    Is this better than the Honor 90 Lite ?
    shug119's avatar
's avatar