Motorola Motokrzr K1 Black £129.95 + £5 Quidco £35 Airtime + H700 Bluetooth Hset

Motorola Motokrzr K1 Black £129.95 + £5 Quidco £35 Airtime + H700 Bluetooth Hset

Found 1st Feb 2007
Just came across this deal on carphonewarehouse

Amazing price for this mobile and the Pink LIG Chocolate,

Have a look.

I couldnt find any pics of the pack Motorola K1 so i have just listed the blue one.

Seems and amazing price considering you get,

Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset which at cheapest i could find on a quick froogle was around £32,

£35 airtime

and £5 quidco

Not going to put any tech info on the mobiile as im sure you all know most and can check online anyways.

So all in all its going to cost you 139.99 as you have to buy £10 airtime but

Your getting about another £75 roughly

Hope this helps someone.


Found a pic of the black one
- 1mmaker


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Here is a pic of the bluetooth headset.


how do you get the free airtime - does it come as a top up card or pre-loaded on the SIM account?

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I think its on virgin so i would probably say the £35 would be from virgin but maybe not.

Maybe someone who has bought a mobile from carphonewarehouse might know as they often have deals on like this with extra airtime, but saying that so do virgin.

I would say it would probably be some sort of top up card though.


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actually come to think abotu it, if it was a top up card it would be easy just to sell that for £30 and the headset for £30 which would make the mobile about £80

it will probably be some sort of promotion from virgin where the will activate it on the sim.


I'll give them a ring and find out...

The person I spoke to said the extra credit is "drip fed" - money is added to your account each month.
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