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Motorola razr 40 ultra - 8GB/256GB + free Lenovo Tab M10 HD - £892.49 with code @ Motorola

£892.49£1,049.9915% off
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Note: if it's showing as out of stock, check again a bit later. The stock seems to be going up and down.

Order between 2 June and 30 June for the free Lenovo Tab M10 HD (Worth £139.99)

15% off the phone.
Released today, looks pretty good actually. Kind if pricey so any discount (especially on a newly released device) I thought would help

15% off also works on the optional motocare Accident Damage Protection.

Claiming the free Lenovo Tab M10 HD

Motorola More details at
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  1. yeababyyea's avatar
    All colour review 👌

  2. mattd555's avatar
    889 on Amazon
    Zii..'s avatar
    thats the old model.
  3. LinaBell's avatar
    this will goes down.
    razr+ will launch this Sep.
    Scrappy's avatar
    But the Razr 40 ultra is the razr+ right. It's in the states where they renamed it the razr+
  4. Scrappy's avatar
    Now showing a free m10 HD tablet if you order between 2nd and 30th june
    phantompti's avatar
    phantompti Author
    Maybe they're trying to make people wait with ordering until tomorrow because they can't turn off the discount code until back in the office
  5. Clangerette's avatar
    Sold out in colour I wanted
    Anywhere else selling it?
    phantompti's avatar
    phantompti Author
    Keep checking over time as the stock is going up and down. Currently Magenta is showing in stock.
  6. gaz84's avatar
    Ok, so I had the magenta one in my basket, but there aren't any cases for it, trade-ins are pants and no real finance options. This is why I end up going back to Samsung. They've got that stuff nailed down!
    julian_williams_1988's avatar
    It does come with a free case which matches the phone colour you pick untill more come out
  7. Walk.dance.talk.sing's avatar
    Must resist, must resist... Honestly trying to not click the link because if I do, I'm getting it... Had the RAZR 5G for two years and loved it, swapped for a Samsung Fold and also love it but could happily go back to the RAZR, this one is stunning...
    phantompti's avatar
    phantompti Author
    It's the first time a folding phone is tempting me. With all phones getting bigger, this form factor fits better with how I use a phone.
    Just not sure I want to give up the smarts that come with a Pixel.
  8. NevenNachev's avatar
    £1000 for a motorola and £4000 for a seiko. The world has gone mad
    ibz100's avatar
    You think that's bad? Wait till you hear how much Freddos cost now!
  9. Scrappy's avatar
    Tempted to go for this Razr. Was thinking it'd be around £1500 on release.
  10. RaiKush's avatar
    Hello Moto....
    Wonderful memories of the original Razor in 2004
    dealcatcherer's avatar
    Even better, the OG, the Motorola StarTac what a phone that was.
  11. questiontime102's avatar
    Beautiful phone let down by a bad chip uses snapdragon 8 gen 1 known for poor battery life and overheating which might be a big issue for flip phone with 3800mah battery

    Edit* I got it wrong snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 is the chip used which gives a lot better battery life and solves overheating ossues (edited)
    ohsomeonenew's avatar
    I think it is uses 8+gen 1 which doesn't have heating issues.
  12. arijaz's avatar
    This is a massive deal but want to wait for pc world to have a demo for me to play with.
    umirza85's avatar
    What's pc world?
  13. MrSwitch's avatar
  14. Halfmad's avatar
    Something about folding screens that just doesn't quite click with me as proven technology to be honest. I'll let the early adopters deal with the hassles for a few more years.
  15. LiamT180's avatar
    Thank you
  16. shaildyp1's avatar
    It also qualifies for trade-in if you have an old device lying around
  17. Westty's avatar
    Ordered the Vivi Magenta with discount code, Will post once received and will give my follow up opinion.
  18. LiamT180's avatar
    Just got mine today, really good
  19. Izevel's avatar
    Which colours looks the best ?
    b4dr1's avatar
    Pink will suit you
  20. forcedv's avatar
    Video out over USB-C ?
    CampGareth's avatar
    Looks like no. USB-C 2.0 port while on other motorola phones with video out they mention USB C 3.1 with Displayport.
  21. zhivagouk's avatar
    Worried about the bat size.. What are you thoughts?
    ASBAWC2's avatar
    For what it's worth I'm using the edge 40 ( not ultra ) and easily gets me through the full day. Came from oppo X3 Pro and Nothing phone and far superior IMO. 67W charging is a bonua
  22. Sebastian_Stepien's avatar
    Why is there no razr 2022 in the trade in system? I would gladly trade piece for piece
  23. slickster25's avatar
    The gap at the top of the front screen annoys me
    Dingdong007's avatar
    Same lol why can't they just align the gap with the cameras, make it symmetrical
  24. bronca's avatar
    Not out yet and already discounted. I bet the price will sink like a lead balloon in a matter of months.
    Scrappy's avatar
    Dunno, the Razr 2022 really didn't sink down much over the year. I remember that @MrSwitch did post it a few times over the year when it dropped to about £700-£800 ish. The 2022 model will now obviously drop heavily with the new additions to the family. (edited)
  25. Doitcom3121's avatar
    OOS Already
    gaz84's avatar
    Magenta still in stock
  26. gaz84's avatar
    Do I get this or wait on the flip 5?! 🥵
    ellibro91's avatar
    I’d wait. This phone isn’t going anywhere.
  27. Cyrus_Rocks's avatar
    Amazing looking flip phone. Temptation is high with that price.
  28. 7loom15's avatar
    phantompti's avatar
    phantompti Author
    It has been going out of stock and back into stock since launch. Maybe give it a try a little later and chances are it'll be back in stock again.
  29. whathaveidonenow's avatar
    phantompti's avatar
    phantompti Author
    Magenta back in stock right now.
    Keep checking as the stock keeps going out and in.
  30. tobtan's avatar
    Oh well, back in stock but coupon PERK15 is no longer valid! Will have to wait and see what the Flip 5 is like!
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