Motorola U6 PEBL (Refurb) - 12 month term cost of £40.89 + £35 QuidCo on o2 at Carphone Warehouse!!
Motorola U6 PEBL (Refurb) - 12 month term cost of £40.89 + £35 QuidCo on o2 at Carphone Warehouse!!

Motorola U6 PEBL (Refurb) - 12 month term cost of £40.89 + £35 QuidCo on o2 at Carphone Warehouse!!

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Oh yes, we do love a good Carphone Warehouse deal when they come around... reliable cashbacks, a lazily huge window of oppertunity to send you claims in, photocopied bills can be sent, high quality refurb phones... the lot. It's the closest a cashback deal gets to perfect.

So what are they offering this time? A refurbished Motorola U6 PEBL. The phone looks pretty damn smooth and sexy, although the lousy 5MB of non-expandable memory makes the fact that it has a camera and MP3 player a little bit pointless. Still, good if you aren't a totally geeky person and have a digital camera and iPod anyway, rather than expecting to have "one device to rule them all" in a Lord-of-the-Rings-style power-hungry mania fad. And it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp pencil when the phone comes for free on an almost free contract. It's a "refurb" phone. It's not second hand, it's just one which someone ordered then sent back because they didn't want it, or maybe they're just trying to clear out some junk in the warehouse. We're not too sure.

The tariff is an o2 one ran by CPW themselves with 250 mins & 100 texts per month. The offer is 99p for 11 months and the full £30 for the last month, after cashback. This costs you £40.89 over the whole year. It costs you £30 per month to begin with, which you claim back by sending off bills 4, 8 and 12 (or photocopies/print-offs) within 60 days of the billing date to receive your cashback cheque. I advise you send claims via recorded delivery. You can give one months notice at the end of month 11 to terminate the contract at the end of the 12th month.

Delivery of your handset is free, purchase via QuidCo.com for £35 in extra cashback to bring your term cost down to £5.89 for a 12 month contract and a free phone.

Not bad... not bad at all.


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*loving duckmagic's purple prose!*

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:lol: I thought someone might appreciate it. Just got a bit fed up of posting the same "standard" thing so thought I'd liven it up with my own thoughts.

It's not one of my favourite phones as you can probably tell, but I have friends who have them and they love them to bits.

Sorry, pointless post - I missed what you said above.
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