Motorola V3 £19.99 inc £10 talk time on Orange PAYG
Motorola V3 £19.99 inc £10 talk time on Orange PAYG

Motorola V3 £19.99 inc £10 talk time on Orange PAYG

Buy forBuy forBuy for£19.99
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Just rang up to check the status of an order and the nice Geordie lady told me they had a number of phones for £9.99 + £10 topup including the Motorola V3

the V3 is showing as £49.99 + £20 topup on their web site

I rang 0800 079 2000, select option 1

Orange PAYG Motorola offers via 0800 079 2000 ONLY:

Motorola V3 in Black £19.99

Motorola F3 in Black £19.99 which includes £10 Orange PAYG TopUp

Motorola W375 in Black or Pink £19.99 which includes £10 Orange PAYG TopUp

Expect them all to be locked to Orange
- schizoboy


Are you sure she wasnt mentioning Motorola F3 ?

I've just ordered one - it IS the V3 and it is £19.99. You can ask for the F3 if you want that instead...

Thanks so much for this post!

I need to stop impulse buying.

It is indeed a black Motorola v3 £19.99 with £10 TOP UP I expect it will be locked to Orange (£5 to unlock from any small indepedent mobile shop)

Getting F3 would be madness in comparison with the V3

The number IS Orange (I googled it while talking), it's all over the orange.co.uk

And it's arriving on Wednesday via courier.

It is £49.99 on the Orange website.


I'm going to sell the free Samsung M300 I got with the Sky Pay Once Watch Forever Bundle to pay for this I think

Original Poster


Are you sure she wasnt mentioning Motorola F3 ?

that was what I had originally ordered, but the order had been cancelled because I didn't choose a topup, that's when she told me about the V3

but I wanted the F3 for my MIL because it has the big text

Brilliant price for a V3

can these be unlocked free?

Just ordered one will attempt to add rep soweezy!


can these be unlocked free?

No they need a hardware dongle which unlockers/ind. mobile shops should have

Just ordered 2 as Christmas prezziee.. thanks soweezy

Up to 5 handsets / customer..

They can be unlocked free but it is difficult and involves a lot of software downloads and use of the data cable.

At the moment: cex are offering £39 cash, £48 exchange, £65 sold for Motorola V3 Black Orange A

Just ordered one.
Thanks OP this is an excellent price for a nice phone
Rep added.

Great spot, vote HOT. Just been on the phone to them and they confirmed these are Brand New and not refurbs. Billy bargain.


Called Orange and selected the phone option (2 I think) and It is indeed Motorola V3 £19.99 with £10 TOP UP!

mentioned that they had deals on some motoroal phones and got the deal.

superb! listed on orange for 49.99 plus a 20 quid top up!

Nice post! :thumbsup:

Just got myself a couple.

Many thanks


how do you get phone for £20

Read the OPs post?

What or who is CEX please?


What or who is CEX please?


thanks i just ordered one

how do you get it for £20. what number do you have to press to get offer

great just got one for my son for christmas. :santa:


how do you get it for £20. what number do you have to press to get offer

Option 1

Option 2

& speak to sales...


great just got one for my son for christmas. :santa:

Welcome to HUKD benharon



Thanks Ranger looks a useful site never come across it before.

superb find - voted hot

Updated the OP with the other two Motorolas on offer too.

The V3 is the best one though.

So can you unlock it will a data cable and code from a ebay seller etc?

Thank you, ordered mine with no problems. One present off the list

just to add in case anyone thought otherwise the v3s are brandnew and the colour is black

Fantastic deal. Ordered a couple as Christmas gifts. Heated and duly repped.


Thanks a lot. Ordered one. Voted hot

fantastic...just ordered two of them....very hot....


hot hot hot!! ordered 2, the guy was saying how theyve got so many calls all of a sudden, the offers been going on for 1 and a half weeks.


eta until no stock?

i just ordered 2 as well makes great presents guy told me that las 4 calls he had was for these

Thanks just ordered two for christmas pressies.

I wonder how many will end up on ebay.....

Thanks soweezy great deal!

Just ordered three for Christmas presents.

The chap on the phone said their stock is running low,so if
your reading this post and are thinking of ordering one,two or three,be quick!

Cheers, just ordered a few. Make excellent christmas presents :thumbsup: .
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