Motorola W377 T-Mobile Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go Mobile Phone (Pink)or Silver) £17.99 delivered @ Play.com
Motorola W377 T-Mobile Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go Mobile Phone (Pink)or Silver) £17.99 delivered @ Play.com

Motorola W377 T-Mobile Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go Mobile Phone (Pink)or Silver) £17.99 delivered @ Play.com

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A slim clamshell mobile that's perfect for staying in style, in touch and entertained.

Bluetooth enabled: Makes connectivity easy. Go wireless with a headset.
VGA camera with zoom: No need to carry a separate digital camera.
Excellent battery life: No need to keep recharging. It has over 8 hours talk time, many new phones will only last half this time.
Tri-band: Use your phone in Europe and America.
FM radio: So you can tune in when you're out and about.


how easy to unlock these?

Great I need a second mob & all my previous Motorola's have been bullet proof :thumbsup: love them

(usual question I know :whistling: ) Will this take an 02 card without being debarred ??. I know that T-mob use the 02 network but SIMS sometimes not compatible both ways :?



how easy to unlock these?

£3.22 on the bay ;-)

i got one of these from argos for £24.39 with £10.00 airtime ( t-mobile)
great little phone


how easy to unlock these?

I bought one last year for my daughters birthday. Took it to the Metro Centre (gateshead) and there was a stall that do any phones for £10. 10 Mins it was done and the O2 pay-and-go sim worked fine.

Bluetooth no good at all, never picks hardly anything up. Camera just VGA so poor pic also.
Not much internal storage and no card slots.

Daughter sick already and now wants an LG Cookie......

I got a pink one for my daughter also. I got this sometime ago, and got a good deal on it
Virgin had it on daily offer for 10 quid including bluetooth headset. I had 10 quid upgrade allowance from them, used quidco (when it was available)

Ended up getting phone free, bluetooth headset free and five quid thanks to quidco. Now thats a bargain!

Phone isnt all that but as a temp moby, its okay I guess.

i would rather pay 20 quid at e2save for a 1 month sim only o2 contract and get this phone for free..


it would be worth a fiver.. find it for a fiver and that is deffo hot

This or the iPhone? If only I could choose (joke). Good find

Got one for the wife, the battery is gone now only last a day took it back same on that one aswel :w00t:

She nicked mine in the end and i got a new one :-D

I have got oneof these and they are crap.


very good price....voted hot

voted hot just for the price good for kids or as a spare phone in the car for emergencies etc

This is a reasonable price for this phone. It ok as a stand-by phone.
There is available a software prog, called ODM unlocker which will unlock it for you. You will need a T191 cable and it can do it in 5 secs flat, you'll need to google for it.
Please note i am NOT promoting any software (cracked or otherwise). I am simply stating the fact that it is available.

Out of stock , but still able to order.
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