Motorsport Manager 2 - £1.99 iOS and Android @ Google Play

Motorsport Manager 2 - £1.99 iOS and Android @ Google Play

Found 10th Nov 2017
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Great find. Been waiting for a sale on this! Loved the first one and was waiting to use my free Google credit towards something decent! Heat!
Paid full price for this when it first came out and I'll definitely recommend, got some new challenge modes added to it now
Bugger just used all of my Google play credit on football manager
Thanks OP
I bought this yesterday on ios for £1.99. I think it was £3.99 before but was unsure so didnt post the deal.

Played the first to completion. This feels much the same in general mechanics (i.e. earn money, build/upgrade, get faster) but several elements have been added to make it not so straightforward which is good. I still think they need to work on optimising the setup for each race though as it would be good to have more strategy there.

Graphics are vastly improved though and at £1.99 for lots of hours of gameplay it really is a no brained.
I have put way too many hours into this game easily worth £2 for many many hours of game play and they have now added new challenges which are great. For any newbies having trouble getting started this Reddit is very useful:…_2/
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