Motorstorm Apocalypse For PS3 - £37.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

Motorstorm Apocalypse For PS3 - £37.85 Delivered @ Zavvi

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Found 6th Mar 2011
Cheapest price yet....

I was almost going to sell my PS3 as hardly play it now but given this is coming out and Uncharted 3 I just couldn't resist holding off..... (The last two games I got though we're such a dissapointment, COD Black Ops and GT5)


If your buying something else at Zavvi then there's a £5 off £50 voucher and it's £37 odd there...


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FULL 3D, if anyone hasn't tried the £10 3D version of Pacific Rift then I highly recomend you buy it, it will make you wet your pants thinking about this.... just off to change

You serious bro?

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You serious bro?

About what?

This is so cold.... freezing cold...

By £3 and guaranteed delivery by reelase date or you get £3 back in account credit.

God damn it's cold in here

I miss when this community used to be helpful.


OK boys, as per the other thread - playtime is over - so please stop this silly fighting

Cold as an eskimos nipple!

I had this pre-ordered for about £32 from Zavvi with a 15% voucher code which I cancelled by mistake (GRRRRRRRR)... i'm waiting until it drops below £32

BTW unless games are sub £33 then they are just not hot enough imo... they are all sub £30 on release anyway... take Dead Space 2 for example..£22 now!
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