Motorstorm Pacific Rift PS3 £20 in store larger Sainsbury's stores
Motorstorm Pacific Rift  PS3  £20 in store larger Sainsbury's stores

Motorstorm Pacific Rift PS3 £20 in store larger Sainsbury's stores

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I opened the newspaper to be confronted with an ad for discount gaming at Sainsburys, it says in larger stores only and the games offered are: Motorstorm Pacific Rift on PS 3 £20 (I previously posted this as available for £24.99 on Amazon as best available price online...


didn't get any heat tho sob sob)

Other games listed as on sale are: Fallout 3 on PS 3 for £20, Pro Evo 2009 PS 3 £20, Need for Speed Undercover PS 3 / Xbox 360 £25, My Sims Kingdom Wii £15, Lego Batman DS £15..... other deals not so hot but this is a good price for Motorstorm 2 as it has been at £30 + since christmas except on sites that never had it in stock.....if you can't make it in instore there is still the amazon deal i think...


this is a very good price. i will get another 10% off as wife works for sainsburys...


Dont forget their 2.5% VAT reduction at the till
so it will be £19.56 not £20

Which paper was it?

Noticed the PS3s in one Sainsburys yesterday and found
a lot of best yet prices in the chart titles section not in their entertainment blitz.

As you said £19.56:

PES 2009 £20
FIFA 2009 £20
Fallout 3 £20
Tomb Raider £20
Motorstorm Pacific Rift £20

BUT think the £15 (£14.67 without 2.5% VAT) ones are
just as good if not better prices
(all of which havnt been cheaper as far as I know):

Lego Batman £15
Mirrors Edge £15 (was as low as £14.99 at Play while back)
Star Wars Force Unleashed £15
Dead Space £15
Saints Row 2 £15

Gutted as just received Saints Row 2 yesterday
from Play where it has just come back in at £17.99,
then popped into Sainsburys and saw it there for
£15 or £14.67 after VAT reduction (so £3 cheaper)

Also worth a look in the Entertainment Blitz section
as a couple at £10 (£9.78 with VAT reduction at till) or less:
Turok £10
Ratchet and Clank £10
Drakes Fortune £10

PES 2008 £8

Edit: all the above are for PS3 titles

I believe it's Metro.


Same paper there is another page of blockbuster deal. i believe these deals have been mentioned quite a few times in this forum though.


Thanks for the pics

Not sure if Sainsburys is all stores
so gonna have to get a pic or receipt and check
the £15 ones but if somebody can confirm the others at £15...

Have seen Lego Batman at £15 in a few

Was listed at £25 on the shelves at my Sainsburys (Worksop), didn't check price at till point.

Thanks...heat added

Is the game any good.
Why is it a 16 for essentially a car game ?

Original Poster

yup the game is really good fun,,,,check out the reviews on amazon generally 5 or 4 stars..

- i don't like driving games that much normally but this is soooo addictive and fun and without some of the annoying bug bears of other driving games, e.g. u can press select to revert back to track instead of having to reverse , turn etc if u go the wrong way - u can crash and still get back in race with skill - it has depth but also great for picking up for half an hour session racing online/comp or up to 4 player with mates...good graphics too...

why is it 16 plus??? no idea! nothin dodgy in there at all...

and yup it was metro i saw it in nice one!


Is the game any good.Why is it a 16 for essentially a car game ?

I think thats due to some of the soundtracks in the game may have abit of bad language but the game in general is good. Will pick it up myself if any of my local big stores have it in stock.

Yes I think it is 16 for the soundtracks which are very suited to the game although at first I didn't like (or know) them. The only thing rude in the game aside the music is that you can stick your fingers up.
Great game which every PS3 owner should try. There is a new demo out on the PSN store as from yesterday which has two tracks.

Original Poster

cheers for the psn demo update info - rep added!

ha i'm still waiting for the european psn store to add street fighter II turbo HD remix cos the USA have had it for months...oh well with street fighter 4 out soon guess it doesn't matter much now!!

Fantastic deal!! Will get boyfriend one for Valentines

As with publicnme
All 3 of my local Sainsburys are registering Motorstorm Pacific Rift at £25
so maybe they havnt caught up as yet, but have seen Dead Space, Mirrors Edge,
and Lego Batman PS3 for £15 (£14.67) in more than one store

Motorstorm 2 was £25.00 in Sainsburys East Kilbride (Glasgow) tonight :-(

Loads of PS3 games reduced in Alton sainsburys. Not much for the 360 but I guess the PS3 doesnt sell as well

I picked up Locoroco 2 for the PSP for £2!!!

Also a HDMI cable for £1!

Mad prices

picked up Falout 3. Thanks poster.

this offer is not just larger stores - i believe its any store with an entertainment section - i just picked up fallout 3 from a smaller sainsburys for £20 was labelled £25 - i told the lady bout the ad in the papers and she knew straight away what i was on about and said yeah its £20

I got it yesterday from sainsburys was labled £25 but at checkout was £20 cracking game and well worth the money!

Just picked up Motorstorm 2 from the Chelmsford Branch of Sainsburys. One was marked up at £25.00 and two were marked up as £37.97 but went though the till at £20.00!



anyone know if this is still on ?

To answer my own question yes it is as I got Motorstorm

went to sainsburys in chester and got both motorstorm £19.56 and fallout £19.56, plenty left. very good offer I must say, although those people who are not buying due to a sticker stating £25 just go and check at the checkout because they will scan at the lower price
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