MotorStorm (PS3) £2.70 Delivered @ Amazon Marketplace / Zoverstocks

MotorStorm (PS3) £2.70 Delivered @ Amazon Marketplace / Zoverstocks

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Attacking and Offensive Driving - Players must not only try to win the race but survive against the other racers. Combat-like racing takes centre stage as the vehicles are the weapons.
Stunning Environments - MotorStorm features amazing scenic environments that capture some of America's most recognizable desert landmarks with wide-open plains, harrowing cliff edges, and tight canyon sections.
Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence - The A.I. will be able to analyze the race and surroundings and react in the most realistic manner possible. Not only will the competition try to win the race at all costs, but the A.I. will react to situations realistically, such as locating the best routes and changing the level of driving aggression based on player actions.
Real-time Track Deformation - Players will never experience the same track twice as each vehicle will carve up the track in varying depths, making navigation of each lap different than the last.
Real-time Audio Manipulation - An entirely new in-game music experience where echo and reverb are filtered in, delivering a unique live music experience during each race.


Is this game any good?

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Is this game any good?…orm well worth £3

Wish it had trophys

Wish it had trophys


My favourite of the 3 still. Loved this game.


Is this game any good?

Worth a go for the price. Thanks OP will give this a try.

Apart from maybe an Asian street hooker, I cant think of a better way to spend £2.70.

HOT (unlike the Asian street hooker)

Thanks - I'll give it a punt , at this price can't go far wrong

£3 trade in at HMV if you don't get on with it, so risk free X) ,heat

Ordered a copy, cant complain when it's cheaper than my sandwich!

Can you still play this online?

This is a great game, it's just a shame you can't play it online any more due to the servers being down permanently. I don't think they should be able to do that in the life of a current gen console.

where is it at 2.70?! cheapest i could see is 2.86

I went for the 2.91 fulfilled by amazon for safety measures


I got it off Amazon for £2.91

dis is good

ordered for 2.91, thanks guys

ordered - It is good game just buy it - it is for a price of meal

Thanks x

cheers op

cheers op, ordered. Heat added

ordered for 2.91 with free delivery. cheers OP

Is it expired? Can't get it that cheap now

Hours of fun to be had. Bought this for RRP when it first came out and was worth the price then. Would still happily have paid £20 for it now, had I not already owned it.

Should be changed to £2.91. Still a great deal. Ordered & voted hot. Thx OP.

SOLD OUT at cheaper price.

Awesome Game even at £4.03 . So much better than Apocalypse (The game not the end of the world which i guess it would still be better than nonetheless) . On a side note Motorstorm RC is amazing addictive fun off the PSN store .

Remember paying £45 for this along with £400 for the PS3 when they first came out oO
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Wish it had trophys

Wats the big deal with trophys ???
I just don't get tell me pls someonen anyone

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Back in stock for time being

Got this when I first got a ps3 along with heavenly sword and resistance, good early games. Although i got to a part in motorstorm where I couldn't progress any further (or get first I forget) as it was getting so hard with the rubberband AI. Don't normally buy 2nd hand games but worth a punt at this price.

Available at £2.70 again when I bought it just now from zoverstocks.

This game is awesome! Loved playing it online.

Awesome game, brings back so many memories of 5 years ago. Only real problem were the loading times.

3D support?

I think 3D is only on motorstorm apocalypse, the third version of this game. That can be had for £10 at blockbuster.

nice found,,,, always wanted one

i've got all the 3 motorstorms. Among the three I would say the first two are pretty much the same. The third one added the disasters on top of the original gameplay which made it pretty unique out of the 3s. Overall, motorstorm series is not so impressing imo, get so boring very quickly.

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OOS again


Remember paying £45 for this along with £400 for the PS3 when they first c … Remember paying £45 for this along with £400 for the PS3 when they first came out oO

I got it in a deal at midnight when it first came out (the ps3). Great wee game.

this is by far the best motorstorm game.
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