"MotorStorm" & "Ridge Racer 7" [PS3] from ChoicesUK - £17.99 each (+5% Quidco)
"MotorStorm" & "Ridge Racer 7" [PS3] from ChoicesUK - £17.99 each (+5% Quidco)

"MotorStorm" & "Ridge Racer 7" [PS3] from ChoicesUK - £17.99 each (+5% Quidco)

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ChoicesUK are selling both "MotorStorm" and "Ridge Racer 7" for £17.99 each including Delivery.

You can get Cashback through the usual places (e.g. 5% Quidco, making them just £17.09 each).

- MotorStorm: In the game, players descend upon the MotorStorm Festival, a celebration of the alternative and extreme offroad racing culture. Throwing caution to the wind, players take on a variety of racing fanatics and battle through chaotic, action-packed tracks to try and become the Festival champ. Capitalizing on its pedigree in offroad racing, Evolution Studios has created a true next-generation gameplay experience that features smarter artificial intelligence (AI), real-time track deformation, fully destructible vehicles and environments, and stunningly detailed scenery. Tapping into the power of the PlayStation 3, MotorStorm will showcase cinematic effects such as motion blur, depth-of-field, and Hollywood-style crash cams that replay spectacular crash sequences during a race.

- Ridge Racer 7

Continuing its illustrious history, Ridge Racer 7 returns as a title on the PlayStation 3 platform. Drift around corners at speeds over 160 mph taking the lead as Ridge Racer 7 brings gamers a driving experience unlike any other. With a new platform comes new territory as RR7 reinvents itself, allowing players to choose from 40 different machines and over 20 courses. With reversed courses, the total grows to 40, the most in the series ever! Players can further enjoy the drift racing experience by taking part in the new customization mode, opening up the experience with up to 200,000 customization combinations. With full support of Sonys new network service, Ridge Racer fans have an entirely new world to explore and drift through!


choicesuk are back on Quidco(5%). :thumbsup:

Original Poster


choicesuk are back on Quidco(5%). :thumbsup:

Thanks Sainty. I'll change the OP seeing as Quidco is the more popular.

Both great games for launch titles, well worth £18 (though unless you're a huge fan of racing games you might want to go for just one...) Motorstorm seems to be the more popular of the two - the sequel is finally being shown later this week.

Ridge Racer 7 is awful, Motorstorm was pretty good when i tried it

Would recommend Motorstorm to anyone who hasn't got it, superb game.

RR7 is definitely one to avoid. Got it with my console (from ebay) and traded it ASAP!

There were already eight copies preowned in my local Blockbusters...:roll:
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