Mount and Blade (PC DVD-ROM) - now reduced to £7.99 delivered @ SoftUK
Mount and Blade (PC DVD-ROM) - now reduced to £7.99 delivered @ SoftUK

Mount and Blade (PC DVD-ROM) - now reduced to £7.99 delivered @ SoftUK

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Mount and Blade is a PC game that actually looks quite good fun. SoftUK have reduced it to £7.99 with free UK delivery, hugely under-cutting Amazon's current price of £19.91!!

Combat part - Mount and Blade is a game where the players need to learn how to use the sword, how to block and defend against enemies as in real life, which creates a very vivid experience that challenge the player skills.

The horse back fighting is a truly unique experience. With your horse you can run over enemies and escape from them etc. The developer team have had actual riders to help to get the behaviour of the horses accurate and have used motion capture to get the real feeling for battling against enemies placed on the horseback.

Tactical aspects - The gamer never fights alone
there is always a group of soldiers fighting along with your main character. That requires players to command the soldiers, send orders, make sure that they are protected and take care of them, which is a unique part of the game.
Impressive AI - Mount and Blade has an impressive AI and high level of challenge, which makes you think your playing in multiplayer mode. (No multiplayer in this version, but might be in expansions)

Flexible level system - The AI has three difficulty options
Freedom - The game offers great freedom in the same spirit as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but takes it a step further. There are quests and challenges everywhere and the player make the choices. No need to follow a linear path and go through different levels. Gamers can follow their own path independently and there is no main quest to follow. The developers have added a storyline for each of the five Kingdoms, which have their own quests.

Realism - Mount and Blade have put down extensive research to enhance the real live experience. All weapons are constructed as real life weapons and all the characters are based on real people. As other fantasy games make it easy for the gamer through magical potions and magic protection, Mount and Blade offers nothing like that. Instead the game creates completely higher levels of realism in the world of Caldaria.


Cracking deal! :thumbsup:

Never played anything quite like this before. Talk about an honest attempt at total realism. Mounted archery has never been so difficult. :oops:


Playable download at the link above. Very low spec game so will run well on old machines.

Expired it seems.
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