Mountable Kitchen Radio £8.99 @ Aldi

Mountable Kitchen Radio £8.99 @ Aldi

Found 2nd Apr 2008
A super idea you can fix this FM radio/digital clock up on the wall (or under a cupboard) to keep your food preparation surfaces usefully clear.

* FM radio
* Stand alone (or with detachable rubber feet)
* Can be mounted beneath kitchen cupboards
* Red LED display (Red power ON, Green indicates stereo)
* Digital clock: 24 hour display (hours and minutes)
* Separate timer (can be set in minutes/hours from 1 minute to 1 hour 59 minutes
* Alarm signal by radio or buzzer
* 9V clock battery (not included)
* Volume control
* Tuning wheel
* Buttons for setting time, hour, minute, alarm
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I just wish this was dab.

3yr warranty as well voted hot for you.
It always gets my attention when there's something posted up as 'mountable' but in this case my hopes were dashed.
For those of you that are not near an Aldi, this is also in Somerfields Tchibo range and in the Tchibo coffee shops.
is this battery powered or mains :?
Guess it will be mains only.

Guess it will be mains only.

I agree, the add. doesn't say but the display is LED not LCD, so that would drain the batteries fast if powered that way. The mention of clock battery will be as a backup when the power goes off. i.e. it will remember the time but not display it until the power is back on again.
i got a dab for kitchen, cant pick up s**t on it grrrrrr
We have a little sony transistor radio in the kitchen and the batteries last for weeks and the sound is more than enough for something to do your ironing or what not to, so the wife says

This is bobbins tbh.

And the one we have can be taken anywhere, this looks good but when you look at the cons it is not so good. Maybe people are taken in by its feature of not having it on a work surface? If so stick the tranny on the window ledge.

is this battery powered or mains :?

* 9V clock battery (not included)

I guess this is half an answer.
I brought one of these today and I was really impressed with it, if anyone was thinking about getting one then there well worth the money, the reception is good and the speaker is very clear.

I only really brought one because I’ve just had a new kitchen and thought it would really smart mounted on the unit.

The only problem I had was when in standby mode it made a bit of a buzzing sound so I took it back and tried another one, which seems to be fine now.
I have just bought one of these score from me on it.
Out of 10
Sound 6
Looks 8
Price 10
Ease of fitting under unit 9
This is a FM radio only but it has a good feature for the kitchen . It has a timer on it up to 2 hours just touch the button increments of ten minutes or single minutes .
So in all I would recommend this to anyone . It has a great reception , picks up many more stations than my last radio..
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