Mountain Dew Energy Now sold in wilkinsons! 98p

Mountain Dew Energy Now sold in wilkinsons! 98p

Found 21st Oct 2010
Just thought ill let you guys know,


Don't know if they still are, but 2 for £1.50 @ Sainsbury's…111

My son buys this, terrible stuff

They are about 8.00 for 12 bottles inc VAT in costco if you have a card

I don't understand why people are so crazy on this stuff, must be the caffeine, as addictive as heroine yet legal.


Horrible stuff, doesn't even taste nice

ive bought 4 packs of this from cost co. First one was fine so i bought 2 more next time i went. All 24 bottles were revolting and tasted like they had bovril or something in them. So i complained to britvic (who makes the mountain dew over here) and they sent me some vouchers saying it was a small batch that was affected and should now be i bought another pack, exactly the same awful. I am assuming they just dont sell much of it and ive ended up buying from the same pallet (despite being about a month apart). Cant be bothered going back to britvic again.

Mountain Dew is ok but this stuff is rancid! Looks like antifreeze and doesn't taste much better.

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hehe tony harrison! THIS IS A OUTRAGE

Not as nice as the American stuff but still yummy and even the bottle colour is stimulating :P

i thought this was banned in uk?

here is a link to the REAL mountain jew!

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