Mountain Warehouse Traveller 60 + 20 Litre Rucksack £59.99 (Free shipping) @ Mountain Warehouse (ONLINE)

Mountain Warehouse Traveller 60 + 20 Litre Rucksack £59.99 (Free shipping) @ Mountain Warehouse (ONLINE)

Found 23rd Jun 2016
Mountain Warehouse Traveller 60 + 20 Litre Rucksack £59.99 (Free shipping)

The Traveller 60 + 20L Rucksack is two bags in one tough design.

Fully detachable, the bags are perfect for long treks overseas, padded and full of handy pockets and space.

Rucksack: internal pocket and large 60 litre compartment Straps - Straps at the chest and hips help to stabilise the bag and distribute the load securely and comfortably Compression Straps - Used to reduce the bulk of the rucksack
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Fixed link and merchant, thanks
Personally I'd never touch Mountain Equipment gear. It's designed to look like the real thing but when you actually have a play, it doesn't really match up to the competition. As for this deal, you can buy the exact same pack on theiur ebay site too and the rrp, as with a lot of these things, is way over the top.

Do yourself a favour and dont buy a cheap rucksack if you actually intend on ever carrying it for more than 5 mins - if it's just something you'll carry from the car to the train to the taxi then fine. BUT, if you're thinking of going backpacking then first of all, try on the pack before you buy it. It's not a "one size fits all" scenario. Then, either spend a bit more to get something that's had good reviews or, even better, find one that works for you and then buy a used one from ebay. You'll save up to 50% on the actual price of buying it new and get a pack that you'll be happy (well, as happy as you can be) lugging around for a few miles. Also, look at the suggested maximum load - if you buy a top loading pack the decent brands will have that value. If you buy a 70l pack and load it with 23kg, most won't be working as they should.

I've been living out of various rucksacks on extended budget trips (5-36 months) for a long, long time now and have tried various packs and moved away from these travel packs - what you gain in convenience, you lose in comfort - the shoulder straps aren't up to much and the hip belts are flimsy. There are plenty of different designs for packs.

Just returned from a 2 month trip around Asia and this exact rucksack served me very well. Strong and sturdy, I will definitely be using it for my next back packing trip. Bought this with 20% discount on this price so not really a hot deal.

Fixed link and merchant, thanks

Many thanks for your help.
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